Guinness’s St Patrick’s celebration is back

Heineken Malaysia is bringing St Pat’s back big-time this weekend with a party from Friday to Sunday at Publika (Mar 17-19) as well in other states.

The Guinness team with their black juice

The Guinness team with their black juice

The launch party & media preview happened at this bar called Donkey & Crow (really). It’s an Irish-themed one in TREC KL. Food was good, and the drinks too of course.

The joint

The joint

Oysters too! Not like i eat aliens...

Oysters too. Not like i eat aliens…

So this weekend the party kicks early at Publika at the space called The Square, Sat & Sun from 1pm, and Friday from 6pm, with bands and all goin on. Yay. Day-drinking.

O yea Irish food and Guinness-infused dishes too. Lunch sorted.

Btw more than 13 million pints of the stout will be consumed in 150 countries across the world on St Pat’s Day (which officially is on Mar 17).

I don’t get it how i can drinks litres of the black stuff but my piss is still colourless. Where does the black go?



They be giving away 100 complimentary pints of Guinness daily at 17:59pm too! Event page here.

Festivities take place in Penang, Ipoh, Johor, and Kota Kinabalu as well.

Damn freeloaders. They everywhere

Damn freeloaders. They everywhere


Brain damage: 7.5/10


Guinness guzzlers, chew on this!

Happening right now in Bangsar South at S’Mores is the deal of the month!

Only $12 NETT for an ice cold Guinness Draft, all day, all nite. Goin on for the entire month of March.


And over at Jarrod & Rawlins (D’sara Heights), today (Thu) sees a St Patrick’s party from 6pm, with free/cheap Guinness, foodstuff, stand-up comedy & more.

'Perfect pint'?? Isn't that extinct? Very misleading term, GAB. It's not "responsible".

Go delve into the darkness of Guinness. Try and survive.


St Patrick’s Day, and some Irish cocktails

The patron saint of Ireland has his day comin up on Thursday, March 17. St Patrick was responsible for transforming Ireland from a pagan country with many ancient religious practices and beliefs into a Christian community.

Why does everyone drink on St Patrick’s Day then?

Do we even need a reason??

In Ireland, it was traditionally a day of mass and family. Elsewhere, its anything but that. Last year’s party here was cool. Am gonna get real high riding a St Paddy’s bus tomw.

Irish stouts are the staple on St Paddy's Day

Anyway, here’re some Irish cocktails, using mostly whiskey, which is an Irish invention; starting with the simple but famous..

Irish Coffee!

If u have an IQ below 50 and know how to heat water, u can do this! Make coffee (with sugar & cream). Add Irish whiskey.

Created by Joseph Sheridan (hence the liqueur called Sheridan’s), a chef at an Irish airport restaurant in 1940 for weary travellers.

Enjoying Irish Coffee (with Scotch) with d boys in Sarawak

Irish actor and musician Alex Levine once said, “Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: caffeine, sugar, fat and alcohol.” Wise words.

Ring of Kerry

Half shot of coffee liqueur, 1,5 shots (45ml) of Irish whiskey, 1 shot cream liqueur, shake ’em with ice, pour into chilled glass. Top with shaved chocolate.

Irish Buck

Squeeze some lemon into a glass of whiskey. Top with ginger ale.

PV Doyle

Mix one shot of creme de menthe with 1.5 shots of Irish whiskey, and 30ml of cream. Shake with ice, pour and top with maraschino cherries.

Here are a coupla Irish toasts:

May you have warm words on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill all the way to your door.


May you live to be a hundred years
With one extra year to repent!

Have a merry St Patrick’s Day 2011 yall.


Cheaper stout

D price of Guinness draft has been dropping steadily since it was introduced. There were quite a few promos before St Paddy’s Fest. Fear not, u can still get some deals at these four outlets, among others.


A lot more common now

Btw Connor’s Irish Stout has a promo at Deutsche Haus in TTDI (and i think DP) – $34.50 for two pints all day, everyday. = $17.25 NETT a pint. And there’s kick-ass pork knuckle!

Fitou by the chillout lake in Desa Park City has d best afternoon happy hours gig as all drafts (incl Guinness) at $50 for three pints, which is $16.66 NETT each. 12pm-5pm including weekends. Niice.

Sid’s (all outlets) Guinness is $19.55 NETT all night for April.

PUBLIC in TTDI Plaza has d sweetest deal coz its permanent – $18.40 NETT – all day, everyday, all year!

But d best price for a pint at d mo is at Tex-Mex specialist Frontera in Jaya One – only 15 bucks NETT from 10pm until closing DAILY. When other’s happy hours have ended, Frontera’s is just beginning! Until May 5th. (A pitcher of Tiger is $30 NETT.) Real tequilas & margaritas too. And killa chili cheese burger.

Still, d prices could go lower. Its only beer after all. Look forward to when its closer to ten bucks than 20. Am sure we’ll all drink a lot more!

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