Cheaper stout

D price of Guinness draft has been dropping steadily since it was introduced. There were quite a few promos before St Paddy’s Fest. Fear not, u can still get some deals at these four outlets, among others.


A lot more common now

Btw Connor’s Irish Stout has a promo at Deutsche Haus in TTDI (and i think DP) – $34.50 for two pints all day, everyday. = $17.25 NETT a pint. And there’s kick-ass pork knuckle!

Fitou by the chillout lake in Desa Park City has d best afternoon happy hours gig as all drafts (incl Guinness) at $50 for three pints, which is $16.66 NETT each. 12pm-5pm including weekends. Niice.

Sid’s (all outlets) Guinness is $19.55 NETT all night for April.

PUBLIC in TTDI Plaza has d sweetest deal coz its permanent – $18.40 NETT – all day, everyday, all year!

But d best price for a pint at d mo is at Tex-Mex specialist Frontera in Jaya One – only 15 bucks NETT from 10pm until closing DAILY. When other’s happy hours have ended, Frontera’s is just beginning! Until May 5th. (A pitcher of Tiger is $30 NETT.) Real tequilas & margaritas too. And killa chili cheese burger.

Still, d prices could go lower. Its only beer after all. Look forward to when its closer to ten bucks than 20. Am sure we’ll all drink a lot more!


A heady mix

Friday’s St Patrick’s Day Festival had a pretty solid set-up along 1Utama’s Central Park Avenue. There were lots of seats, booze taps & food options. Turf was brought in and it covered most of the avenue, makin it practically an outdoor park fest.

It’d b cool if there was a permanent venue like that. I’d b there every weekend!

Cozy seats. There were sme high-class cowboy whores in da mix too

Cozy seats, on real grass. There were some high-class cowboy whores in da mix too


The food lane in d background. Cool thing is every stall sold Guinness draft

There were bands, comedians, games and other entertainers. Whole lotta barrels went down.

There was a great range of food, with price controls. Some super stuff, many of ’em Guinness-infused. And none cost more than 10 bucks!


Guinness giant hard-on

Had quite a few of these

Knocked quite a few of these

They look awesome these cupcakes, some Guinness-infused. Shd have had some, but on a diet

They look awesome these cupcakes, some Guinness-infused. Shd have had one, but was on a diet. Then forgot when i got high n hungry. Haha. Next event revenge for sure

Some dude's mouth exploded

Some fire-eater's head exploded. Serves u right for drinkin kerosene to get high

Thursday was drinkin at Studio 99 downtown for d launch of Bio Channel. Booze was nice, n food looked great.

Some dude sketching a still-sober me

Some dude sketching a still-sober me

On d way to my ride came across this cool ex-house

On d way to my ride, came across this cool ruins of an old home

Hopped up to Sky Bar after dat for Tiger’s launch of a new beer, Crystal.

Only in bottles

Only in bottles

Paparazzi in action. One good shove could have landed u at least 5 guys in d pool

Paparazzi in action. One good shove would have scored u at least 8 guys in d pool

The Crystal is a crisp, slightly lighter beer at 4.5%. Its a limited edition for the year of d Tiger dats available at selected F&B outlets.

Swimmin Tiger

Swimmin Tiger

Saturday hit Mike‘s poolside BBQ at 6pm. Had an awesome time, chillin, drinkin, eatin, splashin for more than 9 hours.

Booze was generous (mostly courtesy of Mike), as was food. Lamb/pork sausages, pork ribs, rib-eye, chops, kebabs, cheesy shrooms, etc. Started with a few beers, as is compulsory at bbqs, then moved to vodka.

Food was from this group called BBQ Addicts – they will buy, marinate n deliver d meat to u. All u gotta do is burn da shit. Easy.

Coolers were adequate

Coolers were obviously adequate

Mike brought out some great firepower, Russian Standard, Imperial version

Mike brought out some great firepower, Russian Standard, Imperia version

Thirsty Mr Bump

Thirsty Mr Bump

Kid then went shirtless, in Rambo mode. I swear i dint spike his drink

Kid then went shirtless, in Rambo mode n shit. I swear i dint spike his drink

Lance fires up sum Pigs in Blanket

Lance fires up sum Pigs in Blanket to start proceedings

Swam a few times n met up with Niga, an ol skool buddy

Swam several times n met up with Niga, an ol skool buddy

Ended chillin till late at d pool w a coupla random boys from Chad, shared their booze n their sisha, and traded stories.

Another super weekend.

Chillin with Abdoul & Abou

Chillin with Abdoul & Abou

Brain damage: 7.5/10


Yes, no, yes, no?

As usual, after they fuck-up, the government tries to do damage-control. So now, Muslims may attend the Guinness gig. Whether guests will be able to drink is unknown. Probably not.

They were actually going to do a booze-free and Muslim-free party? How inappropriate and insulting, especially the Muslim-free part. What a disaster.

How dahell did we allow ourselves to get to this situation?

The thing is many event organizers (this event is by Galaxy Group) usually care about makin sure the event happens, so they make their profits. I guess they dont care if the sell Malaysian citizens out while they do it. That’s extremely selfish and unpatriotic, dont u think?

They aint gonna fight for our rights.

If everybody in dis country did exactly what the government ordered, this country would be fucked. Dat’s why the government keeps doin u-turns – coz the People make it clear whenever they fuck up. Which is often. Thats our responsibility as citizens.

Been kindly offered a free ticket or 2 by d organizer’s rep. Not sure if am goin tho. Companies and event organizers that sell-out our rights so easily to the authorities for the sake of a gig, turn me off. What efforts were made by them to protest against such stupid rules? What will they be doing in the future to ensure this kinda crap dont happen again?

Respect our rights.

This whole incident has left behind a bad taste and bad vibes. The worst part is it’s supposed to be an ‘entertainment’ event.


Guinness HH, and the new stout

Blackshit fans will be happy to know dat Sid’s Pub (Tmn Tun n Bangsar South) will have Guinness at happy hour prices all nite long dis month. Nett $18.70 a pint, $11 half a pint.

Go ahead, get wasted.

Get a tan. Drink Guinness

Get a tan. Drink Guinness

.The German pub down d road in Tmn Tun, Deutsche Haus, has a new draft Irish stout. It’s called Connor’s. By Carlsberg Brewery. Pretty good.


New kid in town

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