Lucky guy

They’re a lot of silly things i wonder about, but one of ’em was this (coz i brew my own cider n see how fungi (yeast) attack any sugars and turn them to alcohol) — when we eat carbs or sugary stuff, shouldn’t that ferment in our stomach and tubes, albeit briefly, before being digested?

Coz there are fungal organisms and other stuff in our stomachs and guts. So there should be some alcohol being made down there. Eating should give us a slight buzz.

Well, yea, but not much. When we eat stuff with yeast in it, like bread and beer, the yeast end up in our pipes, but they usually go right through. In the case of this guy from Texas, the yeast decided to stick around, literally.

So whenever he had carbs or soda, the yeast would do its thing and make… alcohol! Which he promptly digests into his bloodstream. He regularly showed up at the ER with a BAC of up to .37, which is drunk. .08 is the driving limit.

After research, doctors realized he had an overabundance of brewers yeast in his tract which was making him dunk everytime he ate carbs.

How convenient. That’s what i call a goddam beer gut.

DIY booze takes on a whole new meanng

DIY booze takes on a whole new meaning

The guy has an infection called Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

So it’s called an infection?? I call it a feature.

Auto-brew syndrome? Haha

But after serious contemplation, I wouldn’t wanna be that guy.

It can get tiresome. Being drunk all day. Everyday. By yourself. Even when hungover. And driving. And working. And watching TV. And screwing.

Me? I’d rather be high when i wanna be high.

So, who’s got the balls to go munch on a brick of brewers yeast now?


How to save a life

I love islands. So it was great when our company did five days on Tioman Island.

Islaand mon, islaand

Islaand mon, islaand

The island is duty-free, and i scored a bottle of vodka (Stoli Chocolate Raspberry) and two rums (Captain Morgan Black, and Mr Boston (West Indies) for a total of bout 100 bucks!

While i was chillin in the pool bar enjoying the cold and the heat, some of the guys went snorkeling out in shallow water, about 4-5 ft. Unfortunately, one of the boys drowned.

He was 22.

Obviously we were devastated, and the tough part was informing his folks. Some of them followed his body back to the mainland dat night on a speedboat arranged by the resort.

It’s unknown what caused the drowning, as he could swim, and the water was shallow, and everyone was around him. The experienced guys administered CPR for 30 minutes, but it didnt work, as he must have been under a long time before anyone noticed. His mask was still on, but his face was purple.

It’s crucial to know sumtin so basic like CPR. Everyone should know it. You never know who among your family or friends might need it someday.

I learnt it during my training with Mercy Malaysia. But you can ‘train’ yourself by at least watching a video.

Here’s a 2-minute lesson:

Note that CPR must not be performed on someone who’s breathing normally, or you could fuck shit up. Also, latest research shows that the mouth part is not really necessary.

Most people dont notice people drowning very close to them. For one thing, they cant wave or call for help. Read this article to understand why. The movie-type drownings are full of shit. Here are some signs:

  • Head low in the water, mouth at water level
  • Head tilted back with mouth open
  • Eyes glassy and empty, unable to focus
  • Eyes closed
  • Hair over forehead or eyes
  • Not using legs—vertical
  • Hyperventilating or gasping
  • Trying to swim in a particular direction but not making headway
  • Trying to roll over on the back
  • Appear to be climbing an invisible ladder


The other thing that everyone has to know is how to help someone’s who’s choking. It’s not difficult (the Heimlich maneuver) and you can watch this short video to learn more:

My brother wouldn’t be alive today thanks to some chicken bone, if not for his buddy who performed the above maneuver to save him, as he was already blue.

Learn up.


Time to kick back…

On Saturday, i attended what i feel is my final protest.

Am gonna miss these interesting, exciting and sometimes risky sessions; the amazing camaraderie, friendliness, sense of humour, spirit, and unity with fellow brothers and sisters, were an unexpected and intangible  reward. Everybody is a new friend. Everybody is ready with a smile for you.

And when you’re struggling due to gas and need help, many will run to you. All strangers.

All regular Malaysians.

Taking back the strees

Taking back the streets, Bersih 2

Kinda emotional for me, as i’ve been protesting shit for more than a decade (emphasis on shit). The crowd on Saturday was like 100,000, and atmosphere great, like a festival, and as the final organized protest this season ended, we walked away from the stadium to the LRT via Chinatown. The further i went from the stadium, the less fellow protestors i saw. And in the train, as mine was the last stop, even less. As i walked to the car park, hardly any. I was alone. And as i drove away, i felt a little nostalgic.

This was the final rally before we go for the elections. And if PR wins, probably my last one. (Unless they screw-up.) So i reckon it’s the end of my protesting ‘ career’. Haha

I’ve been shouted at, chased, gassed, sprayed, had canisters fired direct at me, but somehow never arrested. (Not for protesting anyway.)



Am not gonna go into detail on the merits of protesting, as history has shown its effectiveness. But why do i do it? Because silence isn’t always right. If something is wrong and you’re given the opportunity to speak out, it should be done.

A sea of Malaysia, Saturday

A sea of Malaysia, Saturday

If highly-motivated and angry protestors didn’t take to the streets by the thousands (and shock the government under Mahathir) almost every Saturday during Anwar Ibrahim’s first bullshit trial, am 100% sure he would still be in prison completing his 15-year bid (until 2015).  They would have been given no reason to release him.

And there would be no Pakatan Rakyat, no states under the opposition, and no hope to topple the BN government, possibly for another 50 years. The country owes those protestors.

You can make it an overnight event!

You can make it an overnight event!

And silence also implies consent. If you don’t say anything, how would anyone know that you’re not OK with it?

Get to see the inner-city too

Get to see the inner-city too


If you missed out, too bad, you missed out on being part of history.

But its never too late. What your country needs now are election observers. In the 2008 elections, i volunteered as one on behalf of the opposition. Basically, you can become one of the officers in the room where people vote. It’s a 3 or 4 hour job. I was in the afternoon shift as i voted in the morning.

Capitalism has obviously failed the planet

Capitalism has obviously failed the planet

You will ensure that there is no cheating by fake voters, and when the votes are counted at closing time. It’s easy, but very very necessary, especially in the next elections, with Banglas n all involved – join this FB page by Tindak Malaysia to receive updates and call-up details.

DO IT NOW. You won’t regret it.

Students show the way

Our students show the way

History has shown that every authoritarian regime has fallen, if the people will it. Don’t lose hope. If not this time, the next.

Ironically, freedom aint free. It requires vigilance to keep it. It’s like every government’s job to take it away, it’s even happening in the US today. There’s no such thing as a perfect country.

This is a great Motown/Soul track from 1963, about change. Check it out:



'Official' souvenir from the cops

‘Official’ souvenir from the cops

Poser wannabe

Poser wannabe


Anyway, funnily enough, these days there are several types of participants at protests.


1. The Activist

This person is a ground-up, pretty hardcore one. Some dedicate their entire lives to a cause, doin it full-time, or holding a job but spending all spare time for the cause. Highly-motivated. Respect (except for those holier-than-thou ones, a minority). Some stumble into it even when they’re old.

With the Greenies. Some walked 300km from Kuantan to KL. How bout that?

With the Greenies. Some walked 300km from Kuantan to KL. How bout that?

2. The Geek

Knows the issues. Supports the cause in theory, but would disappear at the first whiff of gas! Easily-frightened, tho a few can sometimes crack, and find an inner power that scares themselves and possibly a low-ranking cop who tries to throw some bullshit lines. Bersih 2 saw quite a few Geeks show up.


3. The Revolutionary (/rebel)

An aggressive idealist. Believes from the heart that quick change is not only possible, but necessary. Would regularly attend protests, and influence others to do so. Tends to be a Socialist. If all else fails, would probably be part of an uprising.


4. The Anarchist

Doesn’t believe in any from of control, looks forward to trouble (a lil bit of this in all of us), bored by speeches and talk. Prefers action. Not very focused.


Some of the strange flyers you receive at such events

Some of the strange flyers you receive at such events


and finally…

5. The Poser

This one goes primarily to take photos. Photos of themselves attending that is, and pose and upload all over the place. Would probably only attend once, for glamour purposes. Best if they remained at home rather than get in the way.


Anyway, dont forget about Tindak Malaysia. This election, we need a goddam army of regular folk like you and me to keep the elections fair, or Bersih and the elections would have been in vain. Back to square one.

One thing i aint gonna miss about protesting is the FRU, Police brutality and gas. Will miss everything else though. Especially the people’s spirit. But i’d rather there’d be nothing major to protest. But when you gotta, you gotta. Simple as that.

Like Anwar Ibrahim rightly said many years ago, ” Jika takut dengan risiko, jangan cakap tentang perjuangan.”

Power to the People!

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