The Cocktails @ SIX

Had the opportunity to try some new cocktails at SIX. The drinks here are created by mixologist Imran.

The bar has been around for more than a year now in Bangsar. It’s a first floor outlet with a small kitchen as well, and is located along Telawi 2.

We had four cocktails to contend with, starting off with Six Me Baby One More Time. Yea, strange names.


Six Me

It’s base is lemongrass-infused vodka, with lime, lemon and passion fruit involved. A citrusy nose, and the first thing i noticed about the taste is that it’s well-balanced. Nothing too flavourful; lemony with a bitter twist at the end.

Two Point Six Billion sure is sumtin else. Quite a surprise. Smokey mezcal with agave nectar, plus lime and charred capsicum puree. Immediate and pleasant aromas of fresh capsicum, almost like a Mediterranean juice.


Love the colour

In the mouth it’s sweet-spicy, with a spicy zing from chili bitters, and slight smokiness. I could drink sumtin like this all morning. Delicious! You must try this one.

We had a Scotch that was infused with black truffle and rosemary in a cocktail called Sally is 60 in February. Lemon and egg white complete this drink. The nose is of spicy mushrooms, while the taste starts with a slap in your face; then it relaxes in.

A bit like drinking a bruschetta. Very interesting.


Whisky-base, always  a challenge

There’s a strong cocktail that’s also a snack, the 36-24-Thirty Six. A combo of beef bacon-infused vodka, salted caramel syrup, bitters and vermouth. Flavours of vanilla, caramel and smoke. The bites are a skewer of beef bacon and black olives injected with white chocolate. I enjoyed this.

All the cocktails are RM38 nett.


Yummy snack

SIX is also doing it’s homemade Eggnog, it being Christmas season n all. And it’s good.




The bar area

The bar has a promo now that goes on in January as well, with three pints of Guinness at RM60 nett or three Tigers for RM50 nett, all day, everyday!


Brain damage: 7.5/10


Am opening a bar

Yea, it’s about time.

After being pushed by various parties, am going into a venture with several partners n investors. It’s gonna be different. (But i bet that’s what they all say!)

Am handling concept, music and marketing.

Sumtin like dat...

Sumtin like dat…

Theme will be 2499, ie futuristic / galactic shit. The entrance will be like a silver flying saucer (arent they all silver? I think i’ll make it purple), and u walk up a small step ladder and end up inside this circular ‘UFO bar’. Of course the effects and blue lighting will add to the buzz.

Leave your light sabers by the door.

It will be  tastefully done; with a loungy setting.

Yeaaa ok, only if they promise to behave

Yeaaa ok, only if they promise to behave

Some joints have what’s known as island bars, ie, a circular bar, with patrons sitting around it. This one will be the other way around fuckdat. The patrons are IN the large ‘island’, and the bartenders on the outside perimeter.

Hovering around their victims..

For special drinks for special occasions, there’s a steel operating table in the centre, where aliens normally dissect abducted humans. But in this case, the ‘victim’ will get a tube down his throat, which will duly be filled with a green cocktail called Alien Urine Sample. By a Martian bartender.

For five bucks extra, we will also taze the mafucker for a minute. (An adult diaper will be provided.)

That’ll make sure he’s buzzed. Haha

Am gonna make staff dress up too; no fun otherwise. Will need a good crew.

Head bartender, Mart

Head Bartender, Mart. Multi-tasker

Cashier, Sal

Cashier, Sal, drug dealer

Floor Supervisor, Shade

Floor Supervisor, Shady. I wouldn’t fuck with him

Am also considering a small-dose cocktail (5ml) that’s real special and one-of-a-kind, coz it’s injected directly into your vein. By a qualified sexy alien nurse of course.

There’s a serious lack of sci-fi-themed bars. In fact, there’s probably none at all. Uncreative pricks.

Tunes will he jazz, swing and house. No 80’s shit for sure.

Halloween at this bar will be extreme fun.

Probably be sumtin like dis:

Chief of security, Al

Chief of Security, Al

Havent finalized the food menu yet. As for bar bites, I hear fried insects are catching on.

As for the name, am thinkin of DeepsHit. Or Martian Hole.

Any suggestions?


Gettin fresh with cocktails

Sagatiba did a great cocktail session at View Rooftop Bar, G Tower, called Fresh Mixology Session with John Gakuru. In town for this was John, who’s Sagatiba’s brand manager based in London.

Funny thing – i shot all pictures blind – my camera’s lcd screen is blank, and there’s no viewfinder. Gotta mentally imagine the picture n shoot. Haha! Koyak.

Mari mari mari

Bartenders in action – John, Ben Ng (Fluid Alchemy), Junior (View) and Josh (21), all established guys.

For some reason, i wuz expecting a classroom / education session. Instead, what i got was an all-out, party-style, cocktail-making and drinking session! On a rooftop.

Definitely not disappointed.

It was very well-organized by TWE. Congrats Michelle, Vincent, u boozepimps!

In session. In the end, everyone was buzzed

Each bartender has minimum three special fresh cocktails created, and u just go up to each of them and make a request from their list.

Too easy.

Caipirinha with a twist

My first drink of the afternoon was at Junior’s station – Pineapple Cardamom Caipirinha: pineapple chunks, 30ml cardamom syrup, 60ml Sagatiba Pura. Interesting; lil too sweet for me.

Hit up the Kayu Manis next: a whole lime, 30ml palm sugar, 60ml Sagatiba, one cinnamon stick. This one’s refreshing, tho very limey after awhile.

Stick it!

Ben was my next visit. He fixed me a shooter called Red Hot Smoke. Totally loved this – zesty, fresh, slightly herbal-spicy.

Ben's poisons

It’s a mix of smoked Sagatiba and gazpacho (tomato, aged balsamic vinegar, chillies, ginger & citrus). I had many.

Smoked 'em

I checked in at John’s station. What i loved most was this –

Sagatiba Wallpaper

It won cocktail of the year by Wallpaper magazine. Nice mix of tangy n light sweetness.

Its 30ml Sagatiba, 20ml fresh passion fruit puree, 1 bar spoon of passion fruit syrup, 2cm of a vanilla pod, 1 small piece (5mm) of red chilli (to taste) (optional).

Vincent of TWE havin d chili option

Unfortunately, all the notes i made while drinking is gone. The wind was awesome on d roof, so i wondered how paper planes will perform if i threw them off, so unintentionally away went my notes.

Ridiculous! D stupid shit i do when am cruisin. Making paper planes from your media release gotta be waay up there.

Lift-off point

John also fixed me a berry-lime mix

Yuuummm seng!

Afternoon drinking. I like.

I think i asked John on several different occasions for particular styles of cocktails, etc, that i wanted him to make. He obliged, in style. We chatted n shit.

John takin a break

There came a point when John yelled, referring to me, “Who is this guy?? Really, who are you man?”. Haha! I guess i got his attention. After introductions, he says he’s been to this blog. Alco.

Main bar, View. Style. Will be reviewed on this blog soon..

John’s got skills, and it was an honour sampling his varied styles of cocktails. He gave me ideas.

Chachaca is pretty versatile, good for cocktails or shots. If u like rum, but would like a stronger-taste liquor base for your mixes, consider Sagatiba, either Pura or Velha.

The slingers - Josh, Ben, John & Junior. Very happy

A funky, casual, professional cocktail showcase in a great atmosphere. We could use more of these!


Brain damage: 7.5/10


The cachaça samba

While rum is da man in Central & South America, cachaça is big chief in Brazil. It’s a ol skool clear liquor produced from good ol’ sugarcane juice.

Hmmmm. Gives me ideas.

I did try to ferment sugarcane juice once but it failed coz the container wasn’t airtight. Will definitely retry soon.

Met up with Boozepimp Michelle from TWE & mixologist Ben Ng at Celsius, a stylish new bar downtown to get to know cachaça better (pronounced ka-SHAH-sa).

Yet more new stuff in town

Its similar to rum in terms of the raw product source, but rum uses sugar cane molasses, produced by boiling the juice until it turns to solids (crystals). Cachaça is made by fermenting and distilling fresh-pressed cane juice, thus it retains an intense earthy aroma. It’s used mostly for cocktails, the most popular being the world-famous Caipirinha (cachaça, lime juice, sugar), one of my faves.

If you’ve seen a red/white label bottle with a large “51” on it sitting behind bars, that’s cachaça, but a different brand, Cachaça 51.

There are more than 5,000 cachaça brands in Brazil, the majority known as a ‘poor man’s drink’, as its dirt cheap. 99% consumed domestically. But these days, better quality (and more costly) options are available. It’s Brazil’s national drink.

Maybe we should give some to our national team so they play better football.

Clear as water

Like capoeira, it’s got a long history (five centuries), but is only now becoming popular outside Brazil. Plantation owners used to give it to their slaves to make ’em work harder. Nice incentive.

One of them that TWE has brought in from Brazil is Sagatiba, which has the honour as the world’s first premium cachaça.

Had a sampling of it in several Caipirinha cocktails at Celsius, but of course a neat shot first.

It really grabs you with its strong flavours. I got some earthy vanilla hit. Its ABV is 38%.

Soon there was a Caipirinha feast goin down.

Pomegrenate Caipirinha

Spicy Mango Caipirinha

Mangosteen Caipirinha

A Cucumber Caipirinha

They’re all fruity, refreshing drinks. All that’s missing is a beach. You could add more liquor to give it some bite/resistance.

Then Ben brought out some eggs.

What's cookin?

Am not a fan of egg in cocktails, but he created a very drinkable and almost smoothie-like drink – Maracuja Sour which is from Peru, but Ben replaced pisco with cachaça.

Koktel tarik

Its other ingredients are passion fruit juice and sugar syrup.


The final one’s my favourite, a Strawberry Grapefruit Batida. A Batida is a popular cocktail in Brazil that combines cachaça with fruit juices, and sometimes coconut milk. I could drink this all day.

The Sagatiba Pura is available now at TWE (map) for about $130, as well as bars like Celsius, Traders Hotel, Elixir, Laundry, ReggaeBar, Werner’s and Friday’s. There are plans to soon bring in the top-shit premium Sagatiba Velha, which is aged in oak barrels. Lookin forward to that!


Brain damage: 7.5/10

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