Party Season 2012 was pretty BIG. It creeped in early November, and it’s been relentless, till now. Hence, the lack of blog posts. No time. Haha!

Anyway, am on a 22-day drinking run. Today, Jan 7, I did not drink. Finally. (But then again the night’s still young!)

So Party Season has just ended for me, and it was intense.

2012 went in a flash. The human race is still here tho, unfortunately for the other species.

Lookin back, via pictures, here’re some of highlights (for me at least).


Blog anniversary party at S’More’s …


Partied at Awanmulan..


Hit Thirst…


Was an esteemed judge for the GAB-Hospitality Asia Awards. Esteemed. I like dat word. Tho am not 100% sure wat it means

Was an esteemed judge for the GAB-Hospitality Asia Awards. Esteemed. I like dat word. Tho am not 100% sure wat it means


Carlsberg’s Halloween gig at Carcosa…


Awesome annual Christmas party, this year at Vin’s


Paulie arrived one night, and transformed in the car park, from a backpacker into…


.. a playah


Dats him during KL Bike Week, with Mr JD for company




Caught a bad-ass Camaro too


Dodgy elevator scene, Kronenbourg party @ Marini’s On 57


Cool Jose Cuervo party @ The Pool


Practiced how to destroy aliens n zombies..

Practiced how to destroy aliens n zombies..


Hendrick’s session @ Estate


Lipe for birthday..


Picnic party at FRIM with da man CA$H


And here he is at another picnic party @ Kemensah


Hungout at Janda Baik several times…


At a resort…


Also at a farm..


That's Fire and Water

That’s Fire and Water


And here (left to right) is Dolly, Dolly, Dolly and Dolly. Haha. Weird

And here (left to right) is Dolly, Dolly, Dolly and Dolly. Haha. Weird


Hill-billying n shit, had NYE party there too..


In other news, my fave spot, the legendary Bamboo Palace…


…checked out in style (pix by Antares)


Went for a street party too..


..well, two actually


Did Scotland






A good year. Managed to do quite a bit rather than sit on my ass and waste precious life. Managed to grow spiritually & personally too.

Plan to travel domestically more often this year, esp on weekends. Might even do the Rainforest World Music Fest again after a three-year boycott. And hopefully at least one major overseas trip to a new country. Bro wants to hit Cuba.

Health-wise, sallgood. And thanks to Kamliari, my liver is now brand new!

2013 should be even better for me personally. Also, for the world i think. People are becoming less religious but more spiritual. They’re also more aware, and can see thru the bullshit being fed to us. Even people in US are realizing they’re being screwed by their government and corporations and the president; about time too.

Anyway, all the best for the year yall! Take less, give more. Change the world. Salud!


Morning party!

Yea, this year, decided to throw my birthday party in the morning. 10am.

For a change.

Why are parties always at night anyway. Same ol shit.

However did have an impromptu one at Tom, Dick & Harry’s, TTDI a few days prior.

Kicked off with Guinness, then a bottle each of Ardbeg scotch, Havana Club rum, Talisker scotch, Cruzon rum, Jagerbombs (yuck) and shots of Jose Cuervo.

Not a favourite



Special thanks to Byron, Anil and Khabs. And Naveen the crazy wildcard.

Anyway, it was a beautiful Sunday morning, and i arrive at El Meson a lil after 10. Wasnt easy wakin up. Friday at TDH was obviously heavy, and Saturday i’d done the whole six-in-da-morning shit at Sniffa Dawg’s birthday bbq.

Have beers to start, followed by a few plates of Breakfast For A King, El Meson’s breakfast special.

We occupy half d joint, just nice.

Breakfast of champs

By noon, i’m several pints down n pretty zapped. Most guests are here by now.

By afternoon, it’s hazy. I recall popping a bottle of bubbly (courtesy of Mark & El Meson), drink from it, then pass it around.

Yup, recall this

Next, i whip out a bottle of Captain Morgan Black Label. Superb stuff. I have it on the rocks. Beers are not in style by now.

Who yor daddy

Hmm, watdat in the background

Then, the highlight, the ‘Caribbean surprise’ that i promised guests. It’s a rare bottle of Lemonhart Demerra 151 rum, which i featured once. Finally found a time to cut it.

At 75.5%, it’s not sumtin to fuck with. There’s a warning label about how flammable it is.

Major artillery

I have it neat, from d bottle.

This shit got me by surprise. Considering it’s strength, this dark rum from Guyana is pretty smooth, taste-wise at least. Love it.

I pass the bottle around, and everyone has a sip or two. Somehow, both rums are cleaned.

Dark rums. Yummy.

Party in effect

The plan was to end at lunchtime.

Bad plan. The thing about a plan is dat sometimes it gets in d way.

JB Paul

Experience some degree of brown-out, especially from 2pm to 4pm. I think. I might even experienced D.I.A., but dats just speculation.

My plan was for a small one, 15 pax. We probably had a lil more over the course of the day.

Quite bent, i split the breakfast party at 5pm. Time just flies.

An awesome morning, afternoon and evening. Thanks to El Meson too.

A real unique gig to remember! Or not remember, either way.


Brain damage: 9/10


Bush party!

Believe it or not, i did a BBQ in a forest, and it was right in front of my house. How convenient.

I live in Bandar Utama, an urban estate in PJ.

A 20-second walk into that direction

Been wanting to do it for awhile. Managed to pull it off when i scored a 100m-long electrical cable from a friend, so we cd have tunes, lights and a fan.

Obvioulsy this was one of the tunes:

There’s this forest that has built itself up over the years.

Settin-up, section 1

I had some strange reactions to d idea, but d crowd eventually loved it. I partied in da bush from 6pm to 3am.

Section 2

Complete with bar stools

Firin' up

Layaning a Snakebite made from Baad Apples Cider

Party on

Loads of Snakebite went down. Loads. Cider sponsored by Baad Apples™.

So good, might have to do it again. Tried to cap it at 12 pax due to the limited space, but there were 15 at one point and quite cozy.

The bush is pretty large, a few acres. It’s privately-owned, so it could be developed some day.

Thus I wanted to do this. Before the bastards with chainsaws come.


Brain damage: 8/10


Monsoon mayhem

Took place on Wednesday noon till midnight at Sid’s, my birthday. Quite a day it turned out to be. The plan was for me to chill , kick-back, & try to last from 12pm to 12am. I only left at 1.30am. Over-achieved. Haha



I was expecting a grand total of 6 or 7 people, since common folk have to work. Got two liters of liquor ready – Cuban rum & Smirnoff.

Get there around noon, after a dim sum breakfast, for a lunchtime session. Before i can get a drink, the first guest Farah appears. With a  cake. She did not know about the no-cake ruling. But since the cake is a fucking awesome chocolate mud cake, she’s forgiven & welcomed.

The first bottle is a Havana Club. Very smooth rum. It goes down easy and slowly, as a few more guests appear during their lunch break. (Some never leave.)

Throughout the afternoon, it rains, and we drink, & listen to sum cool tunes. Niice.

Pissing down

Pissing down

BYO entertainment

BYO entertainment


The third wave in session at 7+

And in the evening, more show up after work.

There were four waves of people – noon, afternoon, evening, night. More bottles are donated by my sis (Jim Beam) and friends like my buddy Khabir (Gordon’s, Captain Morgan) and Farah (Bacardi). By midnight, my target, things get pretty crazy.

Just when i think we had enough to drink (6 bottles of liquor & a few bottles of wines), Geoff the owner of Sid’s hands me this lil monkey…

Mexican thirst-quencher

Chicano thirst-quencher

Brothers workin it out  (pix by Joyce Wong)

Salud! Brothers workin it out (pix by Joyce Wong)

What a ride!

Pt 2 of 3 took place Friday nite at Rootz. Pre-partied heavily with some Havana Club at home, and good ol’ Night Train ondaway. Arrive there just at d right level.

Some cool house tunes there. Have 2 more bottles of Havana and was forced to down some champagne – dont recall much after dat!

Was forced to down some champagne, followed by amnesia

Rum again, + bubbly, followed by amnesia

Camera malfunction - shutter cover failed to fully open. Dis is my view when drunk + half-eyes, so i do have a good reason for not recognizing people sumtimes

Camera malfunction - lens cover failed to fully open. Dis is my view when drunk + half-eyes, so i do have a good reason for not recognizing people sumtimes

Pt 3 of birthday celeb to come soon!

Brain damage rating: 9/10

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