Conservative morons

I think everybody knows what happened last week. The Oktoberfest event that was due to take place at 1Utama’s outdoor car park was forced by MBPJ to move indoors because a few guys who aren’t allowed to drink made noise about our right to drink.


Where MBPJ forced the event to

Where MBPJ forced the event to

Anyway, I’ve started a petition about it here –

Pls read, and sign if u agree. But also SHARE, and get your buddies to help out too. If we don’t hit the targeted signatures, the petition won’t be goin out. And expect to get increasingly screwed for any future party / event.


Alcon gettin there

The Star, which has been giving Alcon (Alcohol Consumer Rights Group) minimal publicity, looks to have changed its stand.

It ran a brief letter by Alcon on Saturday. Then on Monday, some old man who writes to The Star daily and who’s like 80 years old replied, saying increase liquor taxes!

Goddamit. We dying out here, and he just goes and shoots his mouth off.

Anyway, good news is today (Wed), it ran Alcon’s reply in full and unedited. We gave back to the old man.

There has been a lot of publicity on Alcon, which I’ll summarize sum up after the Budget.There’s supposed to be a full-on feature story on Alcon on Saturday. Look out for that.

Budget announcement takes place Friday late afternoon. I think cigarettes are gonna be hit. Booze, I feel it’s 50-50. Lets hope for the best.


Launch of Alcon is here

Yea, the official launch of the Alcohol Consumer-Rights Group is happening this Saturday! Drinks are complimentary.

Who da group

The group was formed last year to, among others, counter the crazy taxes we face in this country. Highest in Asia. And for beer, second highest in the world! Why??

It’s ridiculous, considering how much we earn. A couple of our points were raised in this article.

Anyway, some of us decided we’re not gonna take this shit, and launched a successful campaign last year. You can read the background here.

Our aim is also to start giving free promotion and publicity to reasonably-priced outlets.

Alcon press conference

Now we’re takin it a step further, and some have plans for the year. But next step is the launch party on Saturday afternoon, in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Handing our demands to the Ministry of Finance

Places are limited; first-come-first-serve, but all are welcome to attend the festivities, so long as ur a member of Alcon. Join Alcon here. (Our Group page has 5,000+ members, but we have just created a new Fan page). And get your friends.

Media and blogs are welcome too.

Event page here. If u cant view, you might have to join Alcon first.

Need media

The more members we have, the more we can do, and the better our chances of at least freezing alcohol taxes for a few years.

Latest I hear is the government needs money, and are targeting to whack booze this year. We need to object. We should not be targets for easy government cash anymore.

Will probably need volunteers to help in photography and publicity for the event. Pls let us know on the group’s wall page if you can help the cause in any way.


Malaysia Top 10 my ass

The Star ran an article a coupla weeks ago, claiming Malaysia is in the Top 10 for alcohol consumption in the world.

Flattering, but totally false.

It quoted a deputy minister Heng Seai Kie, saying things like we’re alcos, bla bla bla. The journalist and editors just took it as gospel and ran the story, creating all sorts of reactions and consequences.

Maybe it’s part of an excuse to raise the tax on alcohol even higher this October, then probably we’ll have the highest tax in the world!

Prices are high enough

I wrote a letter to them on behalf of Alcon (Alcohol Consumer Rights Group), telling them the real situation, and giving them links to actual data.

Unfortunately, they didnt publish the letter, nor did they run an appropriate clarification. Biasa la. Screw up and dont wanna admit. So i guess its up to me to clear the air, once and for all. (The link to the letter is here.)

In the drinking world, Malaysia ranks 167th. That’s right. 167.

How dehell did we suddenly become Top 10?

It was based on some obscure report (available online but i wont bother to link) by Consumer Association of Penang. CAP’s president SM Idris is kinda militant alcophobic.

Must have had a bad experience.

Either way, the grandad aint gonna defend drinkers’ rights, thats for sure. If it was up to him, drinking would be illegal.

Anyway, according to WHO’s (World Health Organization) global report, the average consumption on Earth is 6.2 liters of pure alcohol per human per year. Malaysia’s annual intake in merely 0.82 liters / person. (The Star said 7 liters!) And WHO also states that 97% of Malaysians are abstainers. WHO’s report on Malaysia here.

Malaysia might be ranked low, but we sure know how to party eh

This Top 10 bullshit has been around for a few years. It’s a myth that i hope is finally busted.

Hence, the need for Alcon to enlighten journalists, public, NGOs, government, etc. And to push for a freeze on taxes until 2020. Pls join the group as we need support. And suggest to friends too. 5,000 members would be a good figure.

Good news is Alcon will be having its official launch early next month, and all members are specially invited to d party. Watch the group page!

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