Day vs night drunk

Drinkers are easily categorized  – the drunkard, the social drinker and the pussy drinker. Drunkards are obviously the hardcore – mabuk every night. Pussified drinkers are d opposite – drink like once a month – that too one fucking drink only and they “gotta run”. Run where? To d hospital to get their stomach pumped?

I think most of us are social drinkers – drink whenever there’s a suitable, fun opportunity. Which can be quite often!

Of course there are other more niche categories, like emo-drunk, molester-drunk, serial pukers, etc, but dats for another story.

From the main categories, there’s another important sub-category – those who like drinking at night, and those that prefer day. I always have  a blast whenever i party at night. But frankly i’d be classified as a day-drunk. i definitely prefer drinking while its still bright. In fact when it comes to lager, i definitely prefer day.

Dont peak too early tho

Dont peak too early tho

It’s a wholly different experience. Coz at night its very normal to indulge in ‘gejala sosial’. All the ‘bad’ things are supposed to be done at night. But to do it during d day is kinda fun too! I guess same applies to doing drugs and sex.

When you’re wasted in the evening or afternoon, you see the same things in a new tinge of light. Haha

A hearty brunch

A hearty breakfast in Sarawak

Dats d reason i dig happy hours. Coz drinks are more fun in d afternoon / early evening. If ur at a bar, it’s  best time for cold draft stouts. If the beach, it’s time for cocktails and sun-downers. At an event, start off with a chilled white wine or champagne. When ur off on a road-trip, crack a few cans of ice-cold beers for d drive. If in Sarawak, open a tuak.

Or hit a mall for happy hours at a restaurant/bar then walk around n try n shop when you’re high as a kite! Or head to Klang, and down toddy before a bak kut teh brunch.

Doing all of the above at night is boring. Coz at night, your movements are kinda restricted. In a confined and fixed setting, like a bar or club or a house. In the day, you could be anywhere and doing anything. The possibilities are endless!

Day-drunk n proud of it

Day-drunk n proud of it!

Believe me, its fun shit. Requires a a lil more of an adventurous streak.

Especially when travelling. Dats why all my blog posts about travel always seem alcoholic. Haha

Hell, most mornings on d road start with a cold drink! If in Langkawi, even before i brush my teeth am mixing some refreshing tropical cocktails.

If am camping by Chilling River in KKB, i’d crawl outta d tent n fish out d beer dat was chillin in d river overnight.

Cool part of day-drunkness is, there’re definitely no fuckin pigs and their road blocks!

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