Goodbye imperfect pint

Guinness has new glassware! And it looks better.

The new pint glass design is slimmer and shape-ier. It’s grooved, with a curvy V-shape cut into both sides. The GUINNESS wordmark and a harp in gold (as in Ireland’s coat of arms) are on one side, while on the other side is a larger, embossed harp.

New n old

The glass also seems a lil thicker, which would help the drink not get warm so quick.

The harp, symbol of Ireland

The ‘half’ pint, which Guinness Anchor (GAB) used to label ‘perfect pint‘ looks great – sleek, with the height more evident. It’s also done away with the inaccurate label. A perfect UK pint is actually 568ml, and not 360ml which the Guinness glass holds.

In fact, most ‘pints’ here are unique (including Guinness) – 500ml, which is considerably below a UK pint, and closer to a US pint (473ml).

So the perfect pint label was probably breaking two laws – the Trade Descriptions Act 1972, and the Weights and Measures Act 1972. (I called GAB a few years back to complain about their marketing method, and didnt get a good answer, but i decided not to pursue the matter with the authorities.) I guess alcohol companies need to be more responsible, and have more respect for consumers.

The new glasses are being introduced in phases, and all bars should have them real soon.


Drink and vote

Get high and get to vote in the next general elections, at a bar. Nice.

All u maggots who havent registered to vote can do so this Saturday and Sunday am & pm.

Buat. No foreigners; true Malaysian voters only

At Tom, Dick & Harry’s in TTDI Sunday 11am to 5pm, and TDH OKR Saturday from 3pm to 9pm.

Just last week, i got 2 of my friends to register while we were drinkin at Sunway Giza. It took two minutes, and now they can vote for the rest of their lives.

I’m happy with my representative, and will vote for her again.

Clean vs dirty

Today is the one-month anniversary of the historic Bersih 2.0 party, where liberty was stolen, citizens were mistreated, Malaysian blood was spilt, and a life was lost – sacrifices made by your brothers n sistas to ensure your democratic right to select your representative is forever protected.

With all the Indons and Banglas being registered by our govt to vote, Malaysians needs to wake up, and fight to protect our country and way of life from traitors.

If any of these fuckers show up at TDH this weekend (or during the elections), pls whoop their ass! But if ur a Malaysian, register. Otherwise kindly piss off for good to Bangladesh or Jawa or Australia or sumtin.


St Patrick’s Day, and some Irish cocktails

The patron saint of Ireland has his day comin up on Thursday, March 17. St Patrick was responsible for transforming Ireland from a pagan country with many ancient religious practices and beliefs into a Christian community.

Why does everyone drink on St Patrick’s Day then?

Do we even need a reason??

In Ireland, it was traditionally a day of mass and family. Elsewhere, its anything but that. Last year’s party here was cool. Am gonna get real high riding a St Paddy’s bus tomw.

Irish stouts are the staple on St Paddy's Day

Anyway, here’re some Irish cocktails, using mostly whiskey, which is an Irish invention; starting with the simple but famous..

Irish Coffee!

If u have an IQ below 50 and know how to heat water, u can do this! Make coffee (with sugar & cream). Add Irish whiskey.

Created by Joseph Sheridan (hence the liqueur called Sheridan’s), a chef at an Irish airport restaurant in 1940 for weary travellers.

Enjoying Irish Coffee (with Scotch) with d boys in Sarawak

Irish actor and musician Alex Levine once said, “Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: caffeine, sugar, fat and alcohol.” Wise words.

Ring of Kerry

Half shot of coffee liqueur, 1,5 shots (45ml) of Irish whiskey, 1 shot cream liqueur, shake ’em with ice, pour into chilled glass. Top with shaved chocolate.

Irish Buck

Squeeze some lemon into a glass of whiskey. Top with ginger ale.

PV Doyle

Mix one shot of creme de menthe with 1.5 shots of Irish whiskey, and 30ml of cream. Shake with ice, pour and top with maraschino cherries.

Here are a coupla Irish toasts:

May you have warm words on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill all the way to your door.


May you live to be a hundred years
With one extra year to repent!

Have a merry St Patrick’s Day 2011 yall.

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