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Heineken and Guinness rock on

September 2nd, 2014 · Gigs, ~ Beer (lager / ale / stout) ~, ~ Booze news / new products ~

Heineken has launched a new label for some of its bottled beers, featuring six cities of the world. It’s a global campaign aimed at inspiring people to get out of their routines and start exploring their cities. A good idea.

Fortunately KL is one of them, so there was a cool party called Cities of the World to introduce the Cities bottle and campaign. It went down in an industrial zone in PJ, and the set-up (from scratch) was really good.

New Heineken Bottles.

Getting to the bar / music area required some navigation, and it felt like a maze, and i opened quite a few dud doors. There were exhibits and all along the way, and some salsa thing goin on.



The main room featured an island bar and DJs on ground-level decks. Among the performers were Goldfish and Blink, as well as Hulkas. The boys from Hulkas rocked it. Awesome house set.

Hulkas in action

Hulkas in action

Heineken says that the campaign aims to “inspire people to move away from their usual habits and discover more within their own backyard.” It would be interesting to see how they plan to do this.

Salud. (pix by @juzliv)

Salud (pix by @juzliv)

There’s a website that’s been built to give people a look into interesting locations around them. Not very impressed with it though. Lack of content.

I’ve seen a lot of my city, but coincidentally i plan to see more of the inner city soon, by booking a couple of days in a hotel downtown. And explore.

New Heineken Bottles

Drinkers will find a unique code under the cap of each limited-edition bottle, which gives people a chance to win prizes, including an opportunity to unlock worldly adventures in New York. You can checkout the site here.


GUINNESS meanwhile has launched the Amplify campaign, one that’s based on music.

With this, the Arthur’s Day seems discontinued. Amplify seems more focused on local talent, and more personal as opposed to Arthur’s Day’s mega gigs.


Gig in session

platform where our extraordinary local musicians showcase their talent alongside international stars

Fourteen of Malaysia’s best acts including Kyoto Protocol, Paperplane Pursuit, OJ Law, Froya, and An Honest Mistake. International act Howie Day will be joining the party on Sept 6 at The Bee, which is the kick-off.

4. Guinness Amplify Live Tour Listings

Admission to the 6 shows in the Guinness Amplify Live Tour will be free of charge and on a first-come, first-served basis, and will feature special promos on Guinness throughout the night. More details here.


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Kronenbourg’s rooftop BBQ

August 25th, 2014 · ~ Beer (lager / ale / stout) ~, ~ Booze news / new products ~

French beer Kronenbourg 1664 wants us to get our butts off from working too much and get straight to drinking.

A great idea.

It recently launched, over many drinks, “Taste the French Way of Life” at Stratosphere at The Roof, which is a call to merge our culture of hard work and the French one of taking time off.

Party time

A sundown outdoor BBQ? On a grassy 360-view roof of a skyscraper? Perfection. To top it off, generous amounts of chilled beers were making their rounds.

It felt like we were chillin at a resort.

The series launched

The series launched

There was also entertainment by a band, fire-eaters and poi performers, and you could release some stress by slamming a giant hammer in the Mr Hammer game. And loads of grub. And of course, free breeze.

As Henrik Andersen (MD of Carlsberg Malaysia) says, “Together we will champion the art and beauty of work-life balance by simply treasuring good conversation and company.”

Saya sokong.

Slam it Henrik!

Slam it Henrik!

It was a nice evening out by Kronenbourg, pampering its guests very well. And fortunately they have six more events comin up! Including a comedy night, dining in the dark, and a Broadway show. Sounds great.

(The FB page is here).


Brain damage: 7.5/10


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August 20th, 2014 · ~ Homey ~

A dog that had me as his caretaker, died last month. Homey (aka Homes, aka Homer, aka Homeboi) came out of nowhere barking at me one morning a long time ago. And we been hanging out since.

He’s been with me through the best years of my life.


He was with me for 13 years, from the time he was a gangsta stray pup. No pix of his puppy days tho, but he was definitely the cutest around. Hence, his many girlfriends (human n dog). He was shagging human legs from age 3 months, and bitches at age 6 months. Am pretty sure he won one of the year’s MVP.

Homeboi was obedient, playful, loving, and fierce against unwelcome people. He was the Chief of Security at our pad. We could leave the front door unlocked without worry. He was always alert.

He also pissed on dogs that he didnt like, usually on the face.

Friends who were afraid of dogs have gotten over this phobia, thanks to Homey.

His birthday parties? Legendary. I still bump into random people who say they been to my place, for his birthday. Haha

Homey died of bone marrow cancer / leukemia, and it appeared suddenly. Doc mentioned chemotherapy. I said sorait. Let it be.


Otw to KKB

Thankfully he didn’t suffer much. The doc gave him a few weeks or a month tops; he hungout for two months, and ate mostly ham in that time. Nice. He was also allowed into the house.

Otw to Janda Baik

Otw to Janda Baik

Otherwise, he was a fit n healthy guy, and could have lived to 18 or more. I was kinda hoping he could meet my future family assuming i have one, but sallgood! Haha. In a way its good that he died healthy rather than when his bones were creaking n shit. I always wondered how we would die. I think he had a decent death.

And it was great when my close friends showed up when they found out. They helped me bury him. There were even flowers. And they hungout after that to drink n party.

Joyce showed up out of the blue, and also wrote a tribute.

King of these streets

King of these streets

I also am thankful for my housemates, who had to takeover the task of giving him his daily steroid injections when i was travelling.

P1000573 - Copy - Copy

In Chilling River

Homey - seen it all

Homey – seen it all

The boys did a blues tune about him some time ago, which was recorded spontaneously in my hall one Sunday afternoon in 2012, in one take. You can even hear Homey bark in the background.

There’s even a music video for it! Homey smiles at the end.

And here’s one of him during shower time. He’d bitch if the water was too chilly.

Well, he had a good run, travelling n shit. But i never got his licensing sorted out. Haha. In fact a coupla years ago i permanently removed his collar. He was nude 24-7.

I wanted to allow him to become a dog. I also gave him more real food and tried to avoid the usual factory-produced dog food, which is probably dog meat. Maybe dat shit causes cancer, who knows.

He’s had it all. Bryani, roti canai, char kueh teow, cakes, desserts, ice-creams, booze, lok-lok (regular), and even magic mushrooms – no thanks to a friend of mine. I was pretty pissed about it. Homes was tripping for 3 days!

Funny, on hindsight.

But i took him out nightly, so he worked those calories off. I remember doin a calculation – i’ve walked 2,000km + with him.

Kinda miss the night walks.

I also went alone with him once to KKB. We did a trek all the way to Chilling falls. That was the first time he had seen a forest, and a body of water, and his first swim. Across rivers. I was forced to teach swimming the quick way – throwing him into the river. Didnt do too well.

His battery was 3% by the time we got back, coz we had to ‘jog’ out due to failing light.

2013-09-13 10.29.44

Waiting at the border for his morning cream crackers

Am sure i’ll open my house to another stray, someday. (I don’t buy pets)

He was the closest dog i’ve been with, and there’ve been many over the years. I’ll remember Homes till the day i join him.


One brother’s down, for good. Fortunately i have nine more around me. You know who you boys are.

Good lookin out ma man, and am sure you still lookin out for me.

Catch u soon boy.




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Marini’s & Jose release an album

August 8th, 2014 · ~ Bars / Clubs / Restaurants ~, ~ Booze news / new products ~

Legendary producer of chilled beats series Cafe Del Mar, Jose Padilla is back in the music scene after a break of coupla years, teaming up with Marini’s on 57 to produce a special album based on the outlet, called Sunset Hours (Marini’s On 57 Vol 1).

Jose himself was at Marini’s for the album launch, a half-day affair starting with the PC in the afternoon, followed by drinks at Marini’s, and finally Jose juggling the decks later that night for a house set. But i had to miss the last one due to another engagement.

Cool bar

Cool bar

Jose Padilla is world-renowned for being a sunset-tunes DJ at Cafe del Mar, a bar on Ibiza, and popularized electronic chillout, specifically the Balearic variety. The first Cafe del Mar compilation was released in 1994, and there have been 18 since. Jose’s Mixcloud link here.

1,000 pieces of the new album have been initially pressed. This one has 14 tracks from all over the world; it would have been great if we had a KL artist in there as well.

Close neighbour

Close neighbour

The theme is chilled of course, being Sunset Hours n all (aka cocktail time!).

There’s one exclusive track, which Jose co-created, while the rest are other artists. The compilation is more electronic than his usual stuff. And quite serious.

A couple of tracks stand out for me. Dragonflies (Cantoma Remix), a chill house tune by Jose Padilla has a solid, jazz-funk-inspired bassline, topped by the seductive, minimalist and ethereal vocals of Scottish chick Kirsty Keatch.

I Hate Hate (an oxymoron of a title) is a laid-back, housy track of about 90bpm, by Razzy Bailey. It’s got that ol skool vibe, with vocals by a male, a rarity.

Jose and Modesto

Jose and Modesto

The album is available at Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, music stores in Europe and several other online sources. The CD itself should be available for sale here once approvals are got.

Represent! In NYC's Times Square

Represent! In NYC’s Times Square

The outlet’s founder and owner Modesto Marini launched the album to coincide with the beautiful outlet’s two-year anniversary, which is also the highest F&B spot in the country.

This is an interesting marketing strategy to put Marini’s on the world map. In fact, it joins iconic brands such as Café Del Mar, Pacha and Hotel Costes which have their own internationally-recognized music albums.

Congrats Marini’s!

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