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Here we go…

April 20th, 2015 · Uncategorized

12 days in Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague and hopefully Bratislava.

It’s gonna be a beer-fueled vacation!

See yall in May.


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My new dog

March 7th, 2015 · ~ Homey ~

After ma man Homey died last year, I was not keen on taking care of another dog. Need some time off and shit. 13 years was the longest duration that i had a dog by my side.

Anyway, i recently met this fella, who looks a lot like Homey. It belongs to someone who lives a few streets away, but he likes hanging out at my area. I assume he’s one of Homey’s kids.

He's the one in white

He’s the one in white


See the resemblance?

So i decided, fuck it, I’ll take it. This was 3 weeks ago.

After a few days, his humans stopped looking for him, so its all good now. Not very committed, are they? Pricks.

I figured since he’s Homey’s kid, I have a right to him. Also, it helps sooth the pain of losing Homey.


His name is Monkey. He’s a pretty cute fella eh?




Update:  This was an April Fool’s joke. Am no dog thief!


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Malaysian fruit wines

March 1st, 2015 · ~ Booze news / new products ~, ~ Cool drinkers' gifts ~, ~ Wine, tuak & champy ~

It’s strange that a fruit-rich, tropical country like ours doesnt seem to have any fruit wines. Until now that is!

Reiss Jaden Wines is a new brand that currently has four wines and a liquor in its portfolio. I managed to score a sneak peek at the range, with full samples of course.




The wines are targeted as table wines, to be enjoyed chilled at restaurants or at home. They’re produced from natural products, made from Malaysian fresh fruits.

There are more types being planned; as for now the range of wines are ginger, lemon, ginger-lemon and pineapple. And a coffee liquor too.


The darkest of the lot

The darkest of the lot

Unlike many grape wines, these are simple and uncomplex beverages. The Ginger Wine is obviously the most lively and spicy of the lot. It feels a lot like ginger beer actually. Haha. But with a good side-effect.


The Ginger-Lemon Wine has strong ginger aromas too, with a citrusy tinge. Taste-wise it’s more lemon than ginger. Some of my tasting buddies say they’d prefer more ginger, but i found it perfect. The ginger was light, so was the lemon, and it enabled quicker consumption. Balanced and exotic, the sweetness was just right. A fruity-spice drink I’ve never experienced before, that’s for sure.


Reiss Lemon Wine is very fruity and quite sweetish, with a sweet-sour finish. It feels more like a lemon liqueur. Pretty interesting.


And the Pineapple Wine gives out the sweet aromas of pineapple; kinda puts the beach into my head. And in the mouth it’s fruity and even caramel-like. Awesome with ice.   .

In fact, all these wines should be enjoyed cold, and with ice as well if you prefer them to be less sweet.

The Coffee Liqueur is a 40% ABV drink (RM68). You can enjoy it on the rocks or a mixer of your choice. I went for Milo (as well as choco milk), with lots of ice. Good stuff!

These unique wines have a good ABV of 14.5%, and are priced at RM48, which is very reasonable.

The tasting session was enjoyable and a nice change from the usual wines. All these wines tend to go down pretty easy, and make for a fun day or night out. I foresee purchasing some for consumption. They’d make unique gifts too. Throw in a huggaz wine transporter and you’re good to go!

The company has been making other wines for 25 years now. These fruit wines are yet to be launched. However, if anybody’s keen to order a bunch, i’d be able to make arrangements.

Be good boys and girls and drink your fruits now..


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The Star Factor Showdown

February 4th, 2015 · ~ Beer (lager / ale / stout) ~, ~ Events ~

Heineken and GAB Professional Solution (GABPS) held this competition recently that picked the cream of Malaysian bartenders to select one that will compete in the Heineken Global Bartender Finals 2015 in Holland.

In 2013 our guy got all the way to the finals but lost to a local. Damn.

The Heineken Star Pour is a five-step process of pouring the perfect Heineken draft.

The contenders

The contenders

It wasn’t merely pouring tho; some bartenders indulged in some booty-shakin before getting down to business. Hilarious! They selected their own tunes to work with.

The three winners from the six were judged to be Glen from Mish Mash (Penang), Sean from Muzuem (Setiawalk), and Spencer from Publique (Penang). They will now have  a 3-day boot camp to prep them for the Holland finals.

The 3 winners with Hans of GAB

The 3 winners with Hans of GAB

GABPS is the training division of GAB, catering specifically to trade partners and front-line staff.

As Jessie Chuah, marketing manager, explains, “The Heineken Global Bartender Final is also an avenue for local skilled industry professionals to open their world to new experiences whilst competing with some of the world’s finest bartenders.”

Set-up was different

Set-up was different

Earning his stripes

Earning his stripes

The three judges hard at work

The three judges hard at work

There was also a Consumer Star Factor Showdown. Guests were asked to pour a Heineken draft as we entered the event, and four of us were selected to face-off on stage.



After two rounds against two guys, i won. The prize? Attend the Heineken Global Bartender Finals in April. In…. Amsterdam!

I was there last more than a decade ago!

01 GABPS Academy NF 2015 - Consumer SF Showdown Winner

Damn. Cant wait.


Brain damage: 8/10

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