The Cocktails @ SIX

Had the opportunity to try some new cocktails at SIX. The drinks here are created by mixologist Imran.

The bar has been around for more than a year now in Bangsar. It’s a first floor outlet with a small kitchen as well, and is located along Telawi 2.

We had four cocktails to contend with, starting off with Six Me Baby One More Time. Yea, strange names.


Six Me

It’s base is lemongrass-infused vodka, with lime, lemon and passion fruit involved. A citrusy nose, and the first thing i noticed about the taste is that it’s well-balanced. Nothing too flavourful; lemony with a bitter twist at the end.

Two Point Six Billion sure is sumtin else. Quite a surprise. Smokey mezcal with agave nectar, plus lime and charred capsicum puree. Immediate and pleasant aromas of fresh capsicum, almost like a Mediterranean juice.


Love the colour

In the mouth it’s sweet-spicy, with a spicy zing from chili bitters, and slight smokiness. I could drink sumtin like this all morning. Delicious! You must try this one.

We had a Scotch that was infused with black truffle and rosemary in a cocktail called Sally is 60 in February. Lemon and egg white complete this drink. The nose is of spicy mushrooms, while the taste starts with a slap in your face; then it relaxes in.

A bit like drinking a bruschetta. Very interesting.


Whisky-base, always  a challenge

There’s a strong cocktail that’s also a snack, the 36-24-Thirty Six. A combo of beef bacon-infused vodka, salted caramel syrup, bitters and vermouth. Flavours of vanilla, caramel and smoke. The bites are a skewer of beef bacon and black olives injected with white chocolate. I enjoyed this.

All the cocktails are RM38 nett.


Yummy snack

SIX is also doing it’s homemade Eggnog, it being Christmas season n all. And it’s good.




The bar area

The bar has a promo now that goes on in January as well, with three pints of Guinness at RM60 nett or three Tigers for RM50 nett, all day, everyday!


Brain damage: 7.5/10


Sunday wine lunch @ La Bodega

Yea, it’s one of those – a relaxing wine n dine session where u don’t need to worry about the bill, and kick-back.

Place to be

Place to hang

La Bodega in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) (2287-2768) has just started its Sunday chillout called El Corazon Del Vino (The Heart of Wines), where guests can enjoy free-flowing wine of the month and food from noon till 4pm.

Different wines from La Bodega’s cellars take the stage monthly, and there was even cava served during my visit. As well as whites & reds. (These are random weekly bonuses tho.)

The deal is very reasonably-priced too, at $60++.

Pepe & friends

Pepe & friends

The featured wine was a sherry, Tio Pepe from Jerez, Spain. White sherry reminds me of sweet tuak.

This is the wine of the month for September.

The bar made various cocktails using Tio Pepe, but the welcome drink was an Aperol Soda. A light intro to the session. Aperol is a Campari-like aperitif.

The drink is lightly-alcoholic, with herbal scents and a hint of vanilla.  And refreshing in that it does wake you up.

We have lift-off..

And we have lift-off..

My buddies dug into the food soon after. The spread each person gets is impressive. Enough to get your stomach to chill, and entertain the booze you’re feeding it.

Paella leads the way

Paella leads the way

The canapes platter served to each guest was good; it contained Paella Valencia (with prawns, clams, chicken and mussels), Croquetas Bacalao (cod fish croquettes), Pinchos Morunos (chicken on toast), and Calamares Fritos (deep-fried calamari rings). While for dessert, we each got some stuff.


Some stuff

Among the cocktails we had was sumtin that looked like late breakfast – a martini consisting of Tio Pepe and Martini Bianco shaken and strained into a glass – with smoked salmon rolls on a stick swimming inside.

Fish got drunk

Fishy got too drunk

I was neutral about this; my friend liked it. “Bite the salmon then take a swig” was the insight.

I dig the Garden Sprite.


Aint no Sprite

This baby has Tio Pepe, lychee liqueur, strawberry puree, orange wheels and mint leaves. It’s like a fruity rather than tangy mojito, but with sherry flavours.

The Citrus Cup is a goblet of oranges made with Pepe and a dash of Drambuie.

Refreshing with a fruity sweetness

Refreshing with a fruity sweetness

Other cocktails served were Toffee Apple, Oceanic, and Aperol Sour. However, all drinks had Tio Pepe as the base, which can get a little too much, as its flavour is prominent.

Points for colour

Points for colour

I enjoy long-ass, slow dining over some wine. When i was travelling in the Basque country (Northern Spain), my lunches were always two to three hours, as that’s how the locals cruised, with the fruity local white wine txakoli always around. Awesome. (And of course the traditional ciders you pour straight from barrels, but dats another story.)

Chill indoors, or at this cozy patio area

Chill indoors, or at this cozy patio area

So this one at La Bodega? Am gonna hit it again for sure.

Probably the best Sunday wine brunch in KL right now.


Brain damage: 8/10


The Valley’s best happy hours!

We need to thank Timeout KL for compiling a list of 10 bars that have the best deals, promos and happy hours.

Been to all of ’em ‘cept Studio, and they check out.

Get your fix, from beers to liquors

Get your fix, from beers to liquors

The list sure saves the hassle of lookin for deals, and answers a question I’m often asked. Haha. Have a look here.



Guinness guzzlers, chew on this!

Happening right now in Bangsar South at S’Mores is the deal of the month!

Only $12 NETT for an ice cold Guinness Draft, all day, all nite. Goin on for the entire month of March.


And over at Jarrod & Rawlins (D’sara Heights), today (Thu) sees a St Patrick’s party from 6pm, with free/cheap Guinness, foodstuff, stand-up comedy & more.

'Perfect pint'?? Isn't that extinct? Very misleading term, GAB. It's not "responsible".

Go delve into the darkness of Guinness. Try and survive.

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