Guinness guzzlers, chew on this!

Happening right now in Bangsar South at S’Mores is the deal of the month!

Only $12 NETT for an ice cold Guinness Draft, all day, all nite. Goin on for the entire month of March.


And over at Jarrod & Rawlins (D’sara Heights), today (Thu) sees a St Patrick’s party from 6pm, with free/cheap Guinness, foodstuff, stand-up comedy & more.

'Perfect pint'?? Isn't that extinct? Very misleading term, GAB. It's not "responsible".

Go delve into the darkness of Guinness. Try and survive.


Guess who’s back?

It’s…… Thirsty Sunday! Part III. The Roast Edition. Haha

Yea, the chilled event at a chilled day-drinking spot is blessing us again. The last event was in April.

Kick-off remains at the excellent time of 2.30pm.

I might go heavy Saturday nite, so really hope i’ll make it to Bakita this Sunday. The last two Thirsty Sundays were pretty solid.

The cover is $25, but u get coupons worth $25. How nice.

Lagers and ales are $5 and $10 per cup, and there be grub.

My Sundays have been getting nice ‘n nasty recently.


Another alco

Came across this blog about KL. Good thing is, it has a lot of info about bars downtown, esp in Changkat BB, and their alcohol pricing (mainly lagers).

This dude has done a lot of field work. The site is called Things To Do in KL. Haha. Maybe i shd feature him as a Boozepimp sumtime.


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