Beer really is good for you

I posted once about the fact that drinkers live longer than those who dont, Stay Sober At Your Own Risk. I recently received an infographic from Revivol that focuses particularly on beer, and it’s very interesting. The benefits of beer are immense.

Beer is a simple drink, made from most often barley, yeast and water, with some hops (a flower from a vine) thrown in. Usually 100% natural.


Hop buds

Checkit out yourself and click on d graphic for a larger view:


Enjoy your health beverage.


How to save a life

I love islands. So it was great when our company did five days on Tioman Island.

Islaand mon, islaand

Islaand mon, islaand

The island is duty-free, and i scored a bottle of vodka (Stoli Chocolate Raspberry) and two rums (Captain Morgan Black, and Mr Boston (West Indies) for a total of bout 100 bucks!

While i was chillin in the pool bar enjoying the cold and the heat, some of the guys went snorkeling out in shallow water, about 4-5 ft. Unfortunately, one of the boys drowned.

He was 22.

Obviously we were devastated, and the tough part was informing his folks. Some of them followed his body back to the mainland dat night on a speedboat arranged by the resort.

It’s unknown what caused the drowning, as he could swim, and the water was shallow, and everyone was around him. The experienced guys administered CPR for 30 minutes, but it didnt work, as he must have been under a long time before anyone noticed. His mask was still on, but his face was purple.

It’s crucial to know sumtin so basic like CPR. Everyone should know it. You never know who among your family or friends might need it someday.

I learnt it during my training with Mercy Malaysia. But you can ‘train’ yourself by at least watching a video.

Here’s a 2-minute lesson:

Note that CPR must not be performed on someone who’s breathing normally, or you could fuck shit up. Also, latest research shows that the mouth part is not really necessary.

Most people dont notice people drowning very close to them. For one thing, they cant wave or call for help. Read this article to understand why. The movie-type drownings are full of shit. Here are some signs:

  • Head low in the water, mouth at water level
  • Head tilted back with mouth open
  • Eyes glassy and empty, unable to focus
  • Eyes closed
  • Hair over forehead or eyes
  • Not using legs—vertical
  • Hyperventilating or gasping
  • Trying to swim in a particular direction but not making headway
  • Trying to roll over on the back
  • Appear to be climbing an invisible ladder


The other thing that everyone has to know is how to help someone’s who’s choking. It’s not difficult (the Heimlich maneuver) and you can watch this short video to learn more:

My brother wouldn’t be alive today thanks to some chicken bone, if not for his buddy who performed the above maneuver to save him, as he was already blue.

Learn up.


Beer stuff

Did u know that a female beer brewer is known as a Brewster?? Haha

I wish i knew a few brewsters. In fact, i only know two brewers here, and they aint no goddam brewsters.

I do know a few guys who suffer from cenosillicaphobia. No, it’s not the fear of silly caps. It’s fear of an empty beer glass.

You won’t have dat problem with a lil foresight. Why wait till your glass be empty before u order your next beer?? Dont make sense.

I didn’t realize dat this beer i had a few times comes from the world’s oldest brewery. Weihenstephan is the oldest functional brewery, built in 1040.



Quite a few interesting facts bout beer at this site. A total of 24 Facts You Didn’t Know About Beer. But u gotta be quite a Martian not to know all 24. I learnt 13 new facts bout beer.

The first recorded drunk-driving accident was in 2,000 BC. Haha. 4,000 years ago? Who was it? Fred Fuckin Flintstone?

Whoever it was, the punk was crucified. Literally.

There’re also 400 varieties of beer. Not brands. Varieties. Which means i still have several hundred to go thru.


Thirsty now.

Beer - not just for kiddies

Beer – not just for kiddies


Drinking & puking

Somebody put this funny video up on Alcon’s FB page. A comedian, Jim Breuer, talks about why you puke after drinking.


His theory is funny, and uses the analogy of your gut/stomach as a club. Watch the whole thing.

Some say alcohol and puking come hand-in-hand. I disagree.

I dont know how much u gotta drink to puke. I think it’s a personal variable. Either way it’s been awhile since i let spray. It’s actually a non-issue.

I think it’s a matter of practice. If u drink often enough, side-effects like puking, stomach issues and hangovers actually lessen. I’m a case-study.

When you reduce your fun boozing sessions, you lose out — in two ways. One, you reduce your fun boozing sessions.

Two, when you do drink, you’re a lightweight / toilet bowl hugger / hangover magnet. (For hangover cures etc, you can refer to these posts here.)

So to stay away from nasty surprises, keep drinkin!

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