Mixtealogy anyone??

It’s extremely rare for me to get an invitation to a non-alcoholic drink event. It’s even rarer for me to accept! However, i was kinda intrigued by this one called Mixtealogy.


It’s basically a colab between Monin syrups (often used by bartenders for cocktails) and Lipton Tea to create new drink recipes using the various flavours that both brands have in their portfolio.

Monin has a range of 175 flavours including gourmet sauces, fruit purees and frappe powder. Lipton has quite a few too, including the premium Sir Thomas J Lipton range.

Not huge fan of mint drinks but this was one of my faves

Not huge fan of mint drinks but this was one of my faves

Am glad i attended, as many of the drinks that were created are really good, even the simple ones.

Guests had several options when it came to drinks – you could either pour yourself from the ‘draught’ taps, or order a specialty one from the mixologists at the bar.

For the latter, you have an order card where you tick off various flavours as well as the ‘feel’ that you would like your tea mocktail to have.

Bartenders were recruited for this event

Bartenders were recruited for this event




IMG_9236 (2)?

In fact this even inspired me and the bartenders at The Locker & Loft to come up with our own tea cocktail, blending green tea and cucumber juice, and it’s gooood.

Lipton Green Tea-infused gin, Midori, cucumber juice, lemon juice, sugar & Angostura Bitters. Refereshing and well-balanced

Japanese Squeeze – Sir Thomas J Lipton Green Tea-infused gin, Midori, cucumber juice, lemon juice, sugar & Angostura Bitters. Refreshing and well-balanced

I guess what this event is aiming to do is show the versatility of one of the world’s oldest beverage, tea. You could really mess with tea, more so than coffee i think. Even without booze.


Brain damage: 0/10


The new Guinness Bright

Yup, Guinness has a new product out. It’s exclusive to the Malaysian market and called Bright.

It’s a stout with coffee, ginger, and lemongrass extracts. (Am not kidding.)

GuinnessBrightLaunchKL-Bottle Shot-PhotobyAllIsAmazing (2)


Tried it cold, from the bottle. Definitely not a typical nor a traditional stout. In fact it’s quite fruity in the mouth, with little to no bitterness. I thought it tasted like a fruit beer or a cider, with the additives not really overpowering. Carbonation is light and pleasant.

GuinnessBrightLaunchKL-Crowd Shot - Media & Trade Partners - PhotobyAllIsAmazing

Al fresco drinking..

It’s an easy-drinking stout, and it can go down quick. ABV is low at 4.5%.

Guinness Bright is available in 325ml bottles and 320ml cans. However i have yet to see it out there.
GuinnessBrightLaunchKL- HMB MT- PhotobyAllIsAmazing

Some of the brewery folk

It will complement the existing lineup of Guinness Draught and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, and will be a permanent addition to the range of brews on offer in Malaysia.

 Curious drinkers can who are in Trec can get a complimentary sample of the new brew at The Quad. Samples are limited to one per customer, from 9pm tonight (Fri).


This ale was developed in a partnership between brewers at Heineken Malaysia Berhad and Guinness’ Brewery in Dublin, and is not available anywhere else in the world. The RRP off-trade is RM8.80 / 9.50 per can / bottle.

Next up is mixing it up with some traditional Banting toddy then! Might go well together.

Sumtin like dat...

Sumtin like dat…


Brain damage: 7/10


The high-class single malt, Mortlach

A new single malt has hit our shores, Mortlach, with the official launch party taking place at a cool spot called the Glasshouse.

The mega-pad

The mega-pad

Mortlach was the first distillery to be built at Dufftown, Scotland, in 1823, producing high-quality, luxurious malt that is unrivalled in flavor, earning its recognition as ‘The Beast of Dufftown’ from whisky connoisseurs.


The bottle’s cool

Guests refuelled at the bar that was cookin up three types of whisky cocktails, that had the Mortlach Rare Old as the base. Each of the three mixologists served up a cocktail each.

Joel, Shawn and Osmond were on liquid duty

Joel, Shawn and Osmond were on liquid duty


One of the welcome drinks

One of the welcome drinks

The three new expressions are aimed at global travel and the luxury connoisseurs: Rare Old, 18-Year-Old and 25-Year-Old, which were awarded the best malts in its category at the recent International Spirits Award 2015.


A tasting was also done

The Rare Old Mortlach, carries Mortlach’s signature balance of sweetness and dryness, infused with the whisky’s fruit and flora notes; while the 18-Year-Old Mortlach sees an interplay of malty sweetness and balancing acidity, which is best enjoyed straight.


Mortlach brand Ambassador Georgie Bell talking about the drink

The 25-Year-Old Mortlach on the other hand, is a complex mix of spices and dense layers of sweetness, with some liquorice coming thru. Surprisingly light and easy on the palate. All bottles are 500ml.

A little display

A little display

Guests gained a premier Mortlach experience at an excellent and impressive venue. The Glasshouse lies by lots of greenery, and the rooftop is really cool too.

A spacious spot

A spacious spot

Whisky connoisseurs who have the desire to have a super premium single malt may contact 012-299 0722.

They are also available at MHDM and authorized distributors in Malaysia. On top of that, they’re available in some 5-star hotels, speakesies and whisky bars.


Brain damage: 8/10

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