Kickin-back with Tiger White in… Bentong

I’ve always liked Bentong, as well as the other little towns northeast of the Valley. Famous for durians and that killa ABC / ice-cream shop, Bentong district was where Tiger White found a great little spot by the forest for a weekend getaway, with some glamping arranged for its competition winners.

For me it was a much-wanted break, after spending months setting up Locker & Loft.



Glamping is basically camping for sissies, aka ”glamorous camping”. The resort Caravan Serai has many such tents, with attached bathrooms, and Tiger was kind enough to fit ACs to all tents. How nice. Turned our tent into a party spot.

Not our tent obviously

Not our tent obviously

This is like the fourth ‘surprise’ excursion done for Tiger White consumers, including a trip on a yacht out of Port Klang for other winners. I wasn’t invited for that, probably coz i would have commandeered the yacht and stormed Cenang Beach. Wouldn’t be a day-trip anymore.

The resort is very chilled, cozy and welcoming, with lots of green and an airy cafeteria, which also housed the bar with an unlimited supply of ice-cold Tiger White, which is a Malaysian-created wheat beer (abv 5%). It also contains clove, coriander, and orange peel for a hint of extra flavour.

Day 2; Tiger White winners, their guests, and members of the media strike a pose before leaving Caravan Serai, Bentong

The crew

Besides downing cold ones, the other exciting activity we got tangled in was quad-biking! This was on the evening we checked-in, although trying to create a drink holder on the vehicle was a challenge. I lost my Tiger to the forest. Haha

Paulie losing it. In his sexy shorts

Paulie losing it.  In his sexy shorts

We also got to enjoy some mischief in the forest – paintball. Unlike the urban version, bush paintball is another level altogether. Many variables, and uncertain terrain. I found a great sniping spot, but had to maintain, as insects and shit crawled all over me.

Me and Paulie wanted to enter the river and wade upstream to flank the other team, but we disallowed from doing so. Damn. Would have whooped them and eaten their leader.

Either way, each team won one game apiece, and most participants were too emotionally drained and exhausted to play a finale. Or too thirsty.



The night that we arrived, guests were treated to an outdoor movie as well.

Garden party

Garden party

Not sure what all those official photographers were doing there but we hardly received 10 photos of the entire weekend. Haha.

Unlike most alcohol brands that do same ol stuff in the city, Tiger White has been a lot more adventurous and daring. It provided guests with stuff they would normally not do, and for some, probably never would have done. Hats off to the brand for that.


Brain damage: 7.5/10



Party Season 2012 was pretty BIG. It creeped in early November, and it’s been relentless, till now. Hence, the lack of blog posts. No time. Haha!

Anyway, am on a 22-day drinking run. Today, Jan 7, I did not drink. Finally. (But then again the night’s still young!)

So Party Season has just ended for me, and it was intense.

2012 went in a flash. The human race is still here tho, unfortunately for the other species.

Lookin back, via pictures, here’re some of highlights (for me at least).


Blog anniversary party at S’More’s …


Partied at Awanmulan..


Hit Thirst…


Was an esteemed judge for the GAB-Hospitality Asia Awards. Esteemed. I like dat word. Tho am not 100% sure wat it means

Was an esteemed judge for the GAB-Hospitality Asia Awards. Esteemed. I like dat word. Tho am not 100% sure wat it means


Carlsberg’s Halloween gig at Carcosa…


Awesome annual Christmas party, this year at Vin’s


Paulie arrived one night, and transformed in the car park, from a backpacker into…


.. a playah


Dats him during KL Bike Week, with Mr JD for company




Caught a bad-ass Camaro too


Dodgy elevator scene, Kronenbourg party @ Marini’s On 57


Cool Jose Cuervo party @ The Pool


Practiced how to destroy aliens n zombies..

Practiced how to destroy aliens n zombies..


Hendrick’s session @ Estate


Lipe for birthday..


Picnic party at FRIM with da man CA$H


And here he is at another picnic party @ Kemensah


Hungout at Janda Baik several times…


At a resort…


Also at a farm..


That's Fire and Water

That’s Fire and Water


And here (left to right) is Dolly, Dolly, Dolly and Dolly. Haha. Weird

And here (left to right) is Dolly, Dolly, Dolly and Dolly. Haha. Weird


Hill-billying n shit, had NYE party there too..


In other news, my fave spot, the legendary Bamboo Palace…


…checked out in style (pix by Antares)


Went for a street party too..


..well, two actually


Did Scotland






A good year. Managed to do quite a bit rather than sit on my ass and waste precious life. Managed to grow spiritually & personally too.

Plan to travel domestically more often this year, esp on weekends. Might even do the Rainforest World Music Fest again after a three-year boycott. And hopefully at least one major overseas trip to a new country. Bro wants to hit Cuba.

Health-wise, sallgood. And thanks to Kamliari, my liver is now brand new!

2013 should be even better for me personally. Also, for the world i think. People are becoming less religious but more spiritual. They’re also more aware, and can see thru the bullshit being fed to us. Even people in US are realizing they’re being screwed by their government and corporations and the president; about time too.

Anyway, all the best for the year yall! Take less, give more. Change the world. Salud!


Mo & Trish

Mo and Trish are my nephew & niece. They’re twins.

They’re cute, and lucky coz they get to go out and travel pretty regularly. They had a great time in KKB last year.

Anyway, here are some pix of these two, taken last year and this, their age 2-3 years.

Mo happy to be on da road

Trish in Fraser's Hill

Mo ready to hit a trail


Snack time, KKB

Mo contemplating the life of a pebble, Cameron Highlands

In d park

Chillin in Chilling River, KKB

Makan time

Mo after i messed with his hair

At an alcohol-free party

Latest addition to d family, Keisha


Their mum wants to use their cuteness to make some money or sumtin, so if anyone needs ’em for talent, etc, i’ll be their agent. Haha

Mo ready to hit da road

Mo and Trish are my nephew & niece. Three-plus year-old twins.

They’re cute. They’re lucky coz they get to go out and travel pretty regularly, to places like KKB, Fraser’s Hill & Cameron Highlands.

Anyway, here are some pix of these two cuties.

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