Learnt a new phrase from my fave dictionary today, Urban Dictionary.

It’s defined thus – “Less intense than the experience of “blacking out” when drunk and not remembering portions (or all) of your night, “browning out” occurs when you don’t remember something until someone brings it up. It’s not a complete blackout, but partial, because you remember once someone refreshes you.”

Aka fragmented blackout.

Gosh, been there many times. Related to D.I.A – drink-induced amnesia.

Then there’s this other one many guys can relate to – Cock block – A girl who prevents another from scoring sexually.

Usage: Trudy and Dan frequently had time alone but her cockblocking friend ruined any chances they had to have sex.
Yup. We all know them spoilers.
Its normally coz the cockblocks cant score (fugly, boring, sober, etc), so they somehow try to prevent their girlfrens from gettin sum. Haha! Sad but true.

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