You had me at ignite

Scored a rare bottle of Lemon Hart, demerara rum. Aka Lemon Hart 151.

My sweet hart. Haha

Demerara is a light brown raw-cane sugar from Guyana, which isĀ  fermented then distilled. These rums are used to make Tiki cocktails (Tiki is a Polynesian-inspired cultural fad) like Mai Tai and Zombie. Lemon Hart 151 is supposedly THE rum for this, as opposed to others like Bacardi 151.

The clincher – the alcohol. Dis mafucker packs it in at 151 proof, or..


Daaamn niga, sgonna smack your head up! Bitch is more lethal than most absinthes. 75.5 will be a new record for me, as the highest i’ve had is 75.

Overproof rums are popular among the locals in the Caribbean islands. Winos. There was concern when Pernod Ricard sold the Lemon Hart brand to Mosaiq last year, as the 151 disappeared for a short while. But its back! It’s dark as hell. The bottle is clear but looks black.

Strange thing is, there’s a warning on the back label. “… extremely flammable… blah blah… danger of uncontrolled flaming… blah blah..” Then it goes n says this – “Empty into a cool or warm surface to ignite, never onto an open flame.”

Wazzat??! “To ignite”??

OK, will have to do some research on the drinking ritual before i open him up. I guess you could light em up even if its in a cocktail.

Want one? Its available in Langkawi (the old stock/design). Price? Only 45!

I luurv Langkawi. You can find real weird shit there, and they’re the cheapest on this planet. Kuah town is like fuckin Disneyland.

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5 thoughts on “You had me at ignite

  1. LOL ignite meaning pour it into a separate glass, roll it around, and light a nice blue flame for show, before pouring the lethal 151 into a cocktail like Zombie…add some cinnamon powder for sparks, but thats as close as it gets to being a bomb lah

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