Morning party!

Yea, this year, decided to throw my birthday party in the morning. 10am.

For a change.

Why are parties always at night anyway. Same ol shit.

However did have an impromptu one at Tom, Dick & Harry’s, TTDI a few days prior.

Kicked off with Guinness, then a bottle each of Ardbeg scotch, Havana Club rum, Talisker scotch, Cruzon rum, Jagerbombs (yuck) and shots of Jose Cuervo.

Not a favourite



Special thanks to Byron, Anil and Khabs. And Naveen the crazy wildcard.

Anyway, it was a beautiful Sunday morning, and i arrive at El Meson a lil after 10. Wasnt easy wakin up. Friday at TDH was obviously heavy, and Saturday i’d done the whole six-in-da-morning shit at Sniffa Dawg’s birthday bbq.

Have beers to start, followed by a few plates of Breakfast For A King, El Meson’s breakfast special.

We occupy half d joint, just nice.

Breakfast of champs

By noon, i’m several pints down n pretty zapped. Most guests are here by now.

By afternoon, it’s hazy. I recall popping a bottle of bubbly (courtesy of Mark & El Meson), drink from it, then pass it around.

Yup, recall this

Next, i whip out a bottle of Captain Morgan Black Label. Superb stuff. I have it on the rocks. Beers are not in style by now.

Who yor daddy

Hmm, watdat in the background

Then, the highlight, the ‘Caribbean surprise’ that i promised guests. It’s a rare bottle of Lemonhart Demerra 151 rum, which i featured once. Finally found a time to cut it.

At 75.5%, it’s not sumtin to fuck with. There’s a warning label about how flammable it is.

Major artillery

I have it neat, from d bottle.

This shit got me by surprise. Considering it’s strength, this dark rum from Guyana is pretty smooth, taste-wise at least. Love it.

I pass the bottle around, and everyone has a sip or two. Somehow, both rums are cleaned.

Dark rums. Yummy.

Party in effect

The plan was to end at lunchtime.

Bad plan. The thing about a plan is dat sometimes it gets in d way.

JB Paul

Experience some degree of brown-out, especially from 2pm to 4pm. I think. I might even experienced D.I.A., but dats just speculation.

My plan was for a small one, 15 pax. We probably had a lil more over the course of the day.

Quite bent, i split the breakfast party at 5pm. Time just flies.

An awesome morning, afternoon and evening. Thanks to El Meson too.

A real unique gig to remember! Or not remember, either way.


Brain damage: 9/10

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