Bush party!

Believe it or not, i did a BBQ in a forest, and it was right in front of my house. How convenient.

I live in Bandar Utama, an urban estate in PJ.

A 20-second walk into that direction

Been wanting to do it for awhile. Managed to pull it off when i scored a 100m-long electrical cable from a friend, so we cd have tunes, lights and a fan.

Obvioulsy this was one of the tunes:

There’s this forest that has built itself up over the years.

Settin-up, section 1

I had some strange reactions to d idea, but d crowd eventually loved it. I partied in da bush from 6pm to 3am.

Section 2

Complete with bar stools

Firin' up

Layaning a Snakebite made from Baad Apples Cider

Party on

Loads of Snakebite went down. Loads. Cider sponsored by Baad Apples™.

So good, might have to do it again. Tried to cap it at 12 pax due to the limited space, but there were 15 at one point and quite cozy.

The bush is pretty large, a few acres. It’s privately-owned, so it could be developed some day.

Thus I wanted to do this. Before the bastards with chainsaws come.


Brain damage: 8/10

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