Am opening a bar

Yea, it’s about time.

After being pushed by various parties, am going into a venture with several partners n investors. It’s gonna be different. (But i bet that’s what they all say!)

Am handling concept, music and marketing.

Sumtin like dat...

Sumtin like dat…

Theme will be 2499, ie futuristic / galactic shit. The entrance will be like a silver flying saucer (arent they all silver? I think i’ll make it purple), and u walk up a small step ladder and end up inside this circular ‘UFO bar’. Of course the effects and blue lighting will add to the buzz.

Leave your light sabers by the door.

It will be  tastefully done; with a loungy setting.

Yeaaa ok, only if they promise to behave

Yeaaa ok, only if they promise to behave

Some joints have what’s known as island bars, ie, a circular bar, with patrons sitting around it. This one will be the other way around fuckdat. The patrons are IN the large ‘island’, and the bartenders on the outside perimeter.

Hovering around their victims..

For special drinks for special occasions, there’s a steel operating table in the centre, where aliens normally dissect abducted humans. But in this case, the ‘victim’ will get a tube down his throat, which will duly be filled with a green cocktail called Alien Urine Sample. By a Martian bartender.

For five bucks extra, we will also taze the mafucker for a minute. (An adult diaper will be provided.)

That’ll make sure he’s buzzed. Haha

Am gonna make staff dress up too; no fun otherwise. Will need a good crew.

Head bartender, Mart

Head Bartender, Mart. Multi-tasker

Cashier, Sal

Cashier, Sal, drug dealer

Floor Supervisor, Shade

Floor Supervisor, Shady. I wouldn’t fuck with him

Am also considering a small-dose cocktail (5ml) that’s real special and one-of-a-kind, coz it’s injected directly into your vein. By a qualified sexy alien nurse of course.

There’s a serious lack of sci-fi-themed bars. In fact, there’s probably none at all. Uncreative pricks.

Tunes will he jazz, swing and house. No 80’s shit for sure.

Halloween at this bar will be extreme fun.

Probably be sumtin like dis:

Chief of security, Al

Chief of Security, Al

Havent finalized the food menu yet. As for bar bites, I hear fried insects are catching on.

As for the name, am thinkin of DeepsHit. Or Martian Hole.

Any suggestions?


A girl in Changkat

The following post is written by Marta, a reader from Portugal who lives in KL:

I am Marta from Portugal. I have been living in Kuala Lumpur for around three months now, planning to stay a few more!
When I decided to come to Malaysia I believed that it would be a good opportunity to get a “detox”. I mean, no alcoholic drinks for a while… or at least only on rare occasions. The idea that I had was that the drinks here would be expensive (yes that’s true!!) and that being a Muslim-majority country, it would not be common to drink around here (that is not very true!).
Anyway, I ended up living around Bukit Bintang, I guess that if you have been in Kuala Lumpur you are familiar with the area; it is not more than a really busy area with a lot of bars (mainly western style). At first I was not going out much but due to platforms like VibeHero I started discovering the best bars around the area!
Wednesday is “ladies night” around the area, translated as freeflow of cocktails for all the girls. So far so good, it is definitely a good break in the middle of a working week. I usually hit the bars with my girlfriends for some cocktails and dancing.
I would say that frequent (or even not so frequent) in Changkat know about Wednesdays, especially 21’s ladies night that seem to be pretty famous. But you know what? One thing that few people seem to know is that in Changkat, being a girl will get you free drinks EVERY single day. Yes, even on weekends!!

I will share my favorite’s list with you:
Temptations:  free EVERYDAY
In here you can get the house cocktail (different every day and usually pretty acceptable in terms of taste) as many times as you can. The environment is good as you can sit outside and chat with your friends or hit the dance floor if you’re in a dancing mood. They are the only bar that also gives you the pleasure of enjoying free drinks Fridays and Saturdays as well, with the only restraint that the offer ends at 11.


Elixir: Say Beer!!
From Tuesday till Thursday you can not only get into Elixir for free but also get a voucher with 4 free drinks.  To get this voucher you only need to give your contact information (I would advise you to ask and  put your name on the list so you don’t have to fulfill a new contact form every time you go there) and you can choose rum, vodka, gin or BEER, four times!! It is the only bar that offers beer so it is definitely one of my l favorites. The only negative point with this bar is that it does not have an outside area and inside the music is always loud (really, really loud). It is the place to go if you feel like dancing!!
Why not: My new fetish
This bar opened not even a few weeks ago and it’s already one of my favorites. So far I have not figured out how the offer works, if it is a daily or just a launching promotion  but the truth is that they offer the best free cocktails in Changkat and you can also choose wine(red wine from Chile). I am more of a wine/beer kinda  gal so this offer fits me like a glove. The environment is super cool and the staff are really nice. Top rate for this one!!
21: The classic
I would say that 21 has the original ladies night. Wednesdays seem to be the busiest nights in this bar. Girls can choose between four different types of cocktails (vodka or gin, melon or cranberry flavors among others). Quantity is up to you but my personal experience tells me you should try not to go over four cocktails in the same night and remember don’t mix different flavors!! (Being a weekday I can tell you that I learned my lesson!!).
With so many offers, it gets hard to choose and even guys needn’t worry! Some bars are already doing “Guy’s Thursday” –  that does not necessarily mean free drinks (yet!!) but it’s a 50% discount.

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