Them basics

Its kinda surprising that many drinkers dont know some basic drink measures & bar terms. Lemme see if i can assist.

A shot of liquor in Malaysia is generally 30ml (one ounce, aka a pony), but in many countries including US, its 45ml (1.5 oz). (UK is only 25ml. Haha! Kesian)

So a 750ml bottle of liquor (aka a fifth) has 25 shots.

A regular mug / can of beer in Malaysia is 330ml, while a pint (UK pint) is 20 ounces, ie, 568ml, which is more than half a litre. (One US pint = 16 oz = 473ml).

Dats called a megapint (the mug that is)

Dats called a mega-pint (the mug that is)

Hoegaarden (draft) is served at 500ml, which is in between US & UK measure of one pint. The ‘half pint’ Guinness comes in 12 oz glasses, which is not a “perfect pint” as Guinness claims. It’s 350ml.

According to established, award-winning bartender Mark ‘Maverick’ Robert, many bartenders here use a jigger, the cone-shaped measuring cup to pour a shot of liquor. “But that’s only 25ml, so ur being short-changed quite a bit. Those are illegal as measuring apparatus,” says the ex-bartender, who know works with Sid’s Pubs.

If customers cant tell what one shot should look / taste like, thats too bad.

Gettin jiggy with da jigger

Gettin jiggy with da jigger

The licensed ones are the optic pourers, the transparent ones that are latched onto upturned bottles, where the glass is pressed against it &  d 30ml shot is dispensed.

“Most bartenders dont use any equipment – they just count it down – three seconds for a shot.” This is known as free-pour.

A glass of wine should be 120ml – 150ml. A bottle of wine serves 5-6 glasses. White wine should be served cold; red wine – room temperature (which is defined as 18C) and not cold, otherwise it would taste acidic. (For serious wine drinking, red wine glasses should be filled to 1/3 capacity; white wine glasses to ½ full; and sparkling wine glasses to ¾ full.). Of course bubbly should be served as cold as possible, as with beers & stouts.

Some other basic terms:

Alcohol – a lifestyle beverage containing ethanol, dat can make u do stupid shit

A dash – 1/3 teaspoon

Neat / straight – a shot of liquor with no mixer, ice or water

On the rocks – the above, plus ice

Punch – a mix of juices & alcohol, served cold. Also what u end up with if u talk too much shit in a bar

House-brand / house-pour / well liquor – the brand of liquor or wine that a bar serves as default brand

Call drink – to request a particular brand of booze, as opposed to the house-pour

A barrel – a 30-liter keg of beer, equal to 90 mugs of beer

Chaser – a drink that’s taken immediately after another, normally to help wash it down. Or d chick / dude dats drunk, & on your tail all nite

Grenadine – a popular sweetish flavoring for drinks. It is made from pomegranates or red currants

Aperitif – a French term referring to a light alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate appetite. Sometimes this pre-meal drinking can end up being the appetizer, main course & dessert

Magnum – large bottle of booze, twice the normal size. I like

Gin – some crap

Lok-lok– God-sent pushers of bites, always waiting loyally for u to pig out after ur drunk

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