Guinness HH, and the new stout

Blackshit fans will be happy to know dat Sid’s Pub (Tmn Tun n Bangsar South) will have Guinness at happy hour prices all nite long dis month. Nett $18.70 a pint, $11 half a pint.

Go ahead, get wasted.

Get a tan. Drink Guinness

Get a tan. Drink Guinness

.The German pub down d road in Tmn Tun, Deutsche Haus, has a new draft Irish stout. It’s called Connor’s. By Carlsberg Brewery. Pretty good.


New kid in town

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2 thoughts on “Guinness HH, and the new stout

  1. Had this at Brussels. Got to say was dissapointed with the knowledge of the workers. One guy said it was from Scotland, another from Ireland. The taste was quite light and very malty. Definitely a new direction in stout but not one I’ll be heading in. I like my stout creamy and thick. If I wanted light, id get a hoegaarden. Not to mention I can’t find anything about this beer.

  2. U means Brussels Cafe in PJ right?
    Ur right – Connor’s is malty and lighter-tasting. I kinda like it after drinking too much Guinness all d time – the creaminess can get to u and really fill u up.
    U wont find any info about it online coz its actually made locally, and coz Carlsberg Malaysia isn’t aggressive in marketing it. Forget about asking d staff.
    All i know is that it launched in July, but few people have tried it or even heard about it. Am planning a shootout (taste-test) between Guinness & Connor’s soon among a panel of ‘judges’ and will post the results

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