Cheaper stout

D price of Guinness draft has been dropping steadily since it was introduced. There were quite a few promos before St Paddy’s Fest. Fear not, u can still get some deals at these four outlets, among others.


A lot more common now

Btw Connor’s Irish Stout has a promo at Deutsche Haus in TTDI (and i think DP) – $34.50 for two pints all day, everyday. = $17.25 NETT a pint. And there’s kick-ass pork knuckle!

Fitou by the chillout lake in Desa Park City has d best afternoon happy hours gig as all drafts (incl Guinness) at $50 for three pints, which is $16.66 NETT each. 12pm-5pm including weekends. Niice.

Sid’s (all outlets) Guinness is $19.55 NETT all night for April.

PUBLIC in TTDI Plaza has d sweetest deal coz its permanent – $18.40 NETT – all day, everyday, all year!

But d best price for a pint at d mo is at Tex-Mex specialist Frontera in Jaya One – only 15 bucks NETT from 10pm until closing DAILY. When other’s happy hours have ended, Frontera’s is just beginning! Until May 5th. (A pitcher of Tiger is $30 NETT.) Real tequilas & margaritas too. And killa chili cheese burger.

Still, d prices could go lower. Its only beer after all. Look forward to when its closer to ten bucks than 20. Am sure we’ll all drink a lot more!

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