Oktoberfest eats and drinks

Paulaner is one of ’em popular beers for Oktoberfest, a 16-day festival that takes place in Germany’s Bavaria, specifically in Munich. However it actually ends in early October. Strange. Probably too damn cold to go on.

The party started in 1810, coz Prince Ludwig married someone. And they lived happily ever after, and thanks to them, there was a good dose of Paulaner beers at The Boathouse (03 7727-4426) in KL’s Taman Tun Dr Ismail, which was accompanied by German food items. None of which i could pronounce.

Except Paulaner.

Dats ma boy

You’re ma boy!

We began the food part cheesily. I dig cheese. Obatzda is a simple nibbler with ultra-creamy, custard-like cheese, with bits in it. Onion bits. Great with bread, or neat.

Cheese - to be made compulsory with every meal

Cheese – to be made compulsory with every meal

Then it was time for Griessnockerlsuppe mit Leberknodel (I’m serious). It’s soup with liver bits in it. It’s liver that dont taste like liver. Not being a liver fan, i wolfed in anyway coz it was done like meatballs. I dig meatballs. Yess. I dig meatballs.

And pizza. Pizaaaaaaa…


In fact, i dreamt bout pizza last night. A long, rectangular pizza. But it was slightly overdone.

U kidding me?

Haha. Like i said..


Lil Fishy had a toothpick accident

Lil Fishy had a toothpick accident

The Steckerlf… watever is a an interesting fish dish, coz it’s BBQed. I didnt think they had BBQs in Germany.

Great company to beer, this fish. Besides the smiling face, it’s got a slightly crispy skin and moist meat. Perfectly done. Compliments to Chef Law, and to the fish.

Since my stomach has shrunk significantly (affects solids, not liquids. Liquids sail right thru), i started to struggle when Rinderr…sumtin appeared. But whatever little i had was good. It’s beef roulade, meaning it’s rolled up like a .. hmm.. gotta think for this one.

Yea, like that sponge cake roll thing. Makes it tender and easy to enjoy. Minced n all.

Comes with green stuff

Comes with green stuff

Pancakes? Dessert?? Fuggedaboutit, was stuffed. But the prep looked kinda interesting, with flames and great smells of the cherry and alcohol toasting up.

The witch got busy

The witch got busy. And warm

Tried some. Rocked.

Unlike many other Bavarian breweries, that serve wheat beers, Paulaner serves a lager for Oktoberfest. A crisp, clean one.

Emptied my bladder just lookin at it

Makes i wanna empty my bladder just by lookin at it

Luuurv the Paulaner Dunkel. Could probably have a glass every morning with bacon. Perfect.


Dont stop ma man

Yea dont stop now ma man. (Or woman)

You can enjoy the same feast at The Boathouse (closed Sundays tho) during the month of October. The whole month. Coz we take our beer-drinking seriously.


Brain damage: 8/10


Arthur’s Day is comin up!

September 27, at Sepang. It’s definitely bigger and bolder this time.

The day is a tribute to Arthur Guinness, the founder of Guinness. The media launch of the event was great, and happened at KL Live.



The artists performing on the 27th? The Wanted, All American Rejects and  Five for Fighting.

So the month-long party will feature special activities and promotions on da black brew along with limited edition Arthur’s Day merchandise up for grabs.

Party is on

Party iz on

Expect major action every Thursday in Sept, aka arThursday. Details can be found on its FB page here.

Not just Thursdays actually

Not just Thursdays actually





Door gift. Seeds to plant

Door gift. Seeds to plant

Guinness has also via the Arthur Guinness Fund (AGF) since 2009 committed RM28 million, along with business mentoring to 45 projects in 13 countries around the world that are making a difference by addressing specific issues in communities. Over here, for 2013, six social enterprises received more than 200 grand, in the Entrepreneurs for Good program.

So u can drink with a clearer conscience now.


U’ll be seeing a lot more Guinness gerls this month

Anyway, looks like Party Season 2013 might be flamin up a lil earlier this year!

Bring iiit

Bring iiit


Brain damage: 8/10


Adios, Soren!

Carlsberg Malaysia (CMB) ‘s unorthodox managing director Soren Ravn is outta here on July 1, after leading the brewery for three party-packed years.

Soren will be remembered as a sport, who mingled and drank with the crowd at the beer brand’s many launches and gigs (and rapped). No doubt he’ll be missed.

There was a real grand send-off party at the funky rooftop bar, Luna. Everybody was there.


Fortunately, Soren’s got a big-ass promotion / raise, and at age 39, the Dane will be CEO of Carlsberg Greater China (China+HK+Macau+Taiwan). From being in charge of one brewery here, Soren will handle 41! That’s three billion litres of beer annually.

Or 8.2 million a day. Or 5,707 litres every second. Buuurp!

On his watch, CMB’s growth has been good, helped by a diversification in its beer portfolio, bringing in some brands i frequently enjoy (via its subsidiary Luen Heng), such as Hoegaarden, Franziskaner, Savannah, Jagermeister, Asahi, Kronenbourg, Erdinger, Leffe and Konig, although they lack a decent stout. They got liquors too. (And Amarula!)



I remember just a few years back when Carlsberg’s online presence was… crap. Their comms/PR wasn’t dat great either, and same with their website and FB. Things are much better now, with more engagement. I assume it was Soren’s influence. In fact, where GAB used to lead, CMB might have caught up or even surpassed them, as it’s been very active.

CMB has managed to get a lot of support from online media now.

It's goodbye to Shah Alam for Soren

It’s goodbye to Shah Alam

Henrik Juel Andersen, a Dane aged 46, will succeed Soren. He’s currently the Regional CEO of Carlsberg Indochina, a position he has held for the past five years.

All the best to Soren. Go yamseng your butt off in China.


The MD of rival Guinness Anchor Bhd (GAB) has also left. However, there was no information where he’s goin, except that Hans Essaadi has taken over. Hans was the MD of Heineken Africa & Middle East.

Well, never really got to know Charles (who’s English). He’s been in charge of GAB for the last six years.

Anyway, significant top-level change among our breweries. We’ll wait and see how things will pan out for the year then.


Oktoberfest parties!

Guinness Anchor Bhd (GAB) was probably the first to kick-off its Oktoberfest celebrations, while Arthur’s Day season was still in session.

I’d bang those drums anytime

Social @ Publika was the spot. Paulaner was the featured beer, with the regular draught wheat version being served, as well as the special and iconic Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, which comes in bottles (500ml, ABV 6%), from Munich, the home of the annual fest.

This is a lager, and is a lil malty, and quite crisp, with a sorta bitter tease at d finish.


The fun party saw all their beer taps in action, and a lamb rolling around on a spit provided food, which was awesome.

Tiger eh?

You can also get a huge-ass one-liter stein, and this year’s one is ceramic. Nice. But steep at 50 bucks, even if it’s full.

Cant remember where i left mine. Its probably still at Social.

Anyway, GAB’s Oktoberfest parties are listed here. Check ’em out for some good beer, food and merry-making. These Oktoberfest parties are goin down all over the Valley till Oct 31.



OVER AT German restaurant Brotzeit, there are parties goin on too. And some kick-ass beers, as well as killa food.

Full house

The deputy German Ambassador joined in the festivities, and tapped a beer barrel at the exact time Oktoberfest launched in Munich. Here they do have the Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier on tap.

In fact, there’s a very good variety of beers, mostly in bottles.

There’s also the one-litre can (on the right) dat comes in a stein, and the two-litre bottle

A mixed bucket. Excellent

Fat monk likes to party. This double bock is sweetish/malty and strong (7.9%)

Food, by Chef Helmut, is great. I had the beef goulash to start.

Wacha lookin at?!

There’s also this crazy platter for hungry hogs.

Crazy enough?  (pix by Samuel “Superman” Ong)

There’s also a very entertaining band called Deriolama. Try to catch em in action.

Brotzeit will be having four more Oktoberfest parties listed here, and reservations are necessary.

Enjoy the Party Season prelude month / warm-up month of October. I sure will!

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