GAB’s Oktoberfest

A full-on party went down at Tujo (formerly known as 789) at Ascott last week, when GAB launched their Oktoberfest, season 2013. Complete with a prince.

We tried to get the prince drunk, but he wasn’t a great drinker.

We all kinda know what Oktoberfest is. It’s drinking season.

Coz Prince Ludwig got married centuries ago. He showed up at Tujo though, looking all undead. With Princess Therese. Who’s hotter than him.

The royal procession strolls in

The royal procession strolls in

The party was lotsa fun, with mug-holding challenges too. The one-litre ceramic mugs for this season look good, and weigh a kilo. So if you hold three filled with beer, that’s six kilos per hand. Tough.



Food was good, and so was the band. Tried to get them drunk too.

Lotsa Paulaner Okotberfest Bier to go round.

Paulie tried to make a move..

Paulie tried to make a move..


..but backed off when he realized he was up against Superman

..but backed off when he realized he was up against arm-wrestling Superman

There’s gonna be a series of 14 historically-themed parties nationwide. Score your own mug till Nov 3 – the first refill is free! Definitely the best mug they’ve produced so far.

Mad Sally in action

Mad Sally in action

The next party is @ Souled Out on Oct 10. That’s tonight! To know of the other parties, you can check out the FB page here.

I was gonna end with Prost!, but i think there’s been enough prosting here.



Oktoberfest parties!

Guinness Anchor Bhd (GAB) was probably the first to kick-off its Oktoberfest celebrations, while Arthur’s Day season was still in session.

I’d bang those drums anytime

Social @ Publika was the spot. Paulaner was the featured beer, with the regular draught wheat version being served, as well as the special and iconic Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, which comes in bottles (500ml, ABV 6%), from Munich, the home of the annual fest.

This is a lager, and is a lil malty, and quite crisp, with a sorta bitter tease at d finish.


The fun party saw all their beer taps in action, and a lamb rolling around on a spit provided food, which was awesome.

Tiger eh?

You can also get a huge-ass one-liter stein, and this year’s one is ceramic. Nice. But steep at 50 bucks, even if it’s full.

Cant remember where i left mine. Its probably still at Social.

Anyway, GAB’s Oktoberfest parties are listed here. Check ’em out for some good beer, food and merry-making. These Oktoberfest parties are goin down all over the Valley till Oct 31.



OVER AT German restaurant Brotzeit, there are parties goin on too. And some kick-ass beers, as well as killa food.

Full house

The deputy German Ambassador joined in the festivities, and tapped a beer barrel at the exact time Oktoberfest launched in Munich. Here they do have the Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier on tap.

In fact, there’s a very good variety of beers, mostly in bottles.

There’s also the one-litre can (on the right) dat comes in a stein, and the two-litre bottle

A mixed bucket. Excellent

Fat monk likes to party. This double bock is sweetish/malty and strong (7.9%)

Food, by Chef Helmut, is great. I had the beef goulash to start.

Wacha lookin at?!

There’s also this crazy platter for hungry hogs.

Crazy enough?  (pix by Samuel “Superman” Ong)

There’s also a very entertaining band called Deriolama. Try to catch em in action.

Brotzeit will be having four more Oktoberfest parties listed here, and reservations are necessary.

Enjoy the Party Season prelude month / warm-up month of October. I sure will!


Brunch at Brotzeit

A German joint has taken root at Megamall in Midvalley. Brotzeit (2287-5516), originating in Singapore, is a restaurant-bar with an interesting menu and a variety of beers.

I checked it out with food junkie Bangsar-bAbE, as we’ve decided to pair up as a tag team for reviews – she’s d food specialist, me d booze. I like both food n drinks, so its a sweet deal!

A long bar as u enter


We started brunch with some ales, since i’ve kinda eased back on lagers. I went for one on tap, Paulaner Hefe Weissbier, a wheat beer (5.5%). As with all wheat beers, its pleasant n easy-drinking.

Some of the German brew available (click to enlarge). Note that prices are not nett

Mango mix

Sue Lynn decided to try for a beer cocktail. She had an affensaft – weissbier with mango. Turned out good. Fruity, and importantly, very palatable, so u drink fast. The banana mix didnt turn out so well.

To start d munchies, we had a spicy bacon pizza, a crispy one with roasted bacon bits, onions, cherry tomatoes & chilies. The base is crunchy, so its more like a bacon biscuit. A good combi of tastes, with a spicy buzz to go with that beer. As its bacon, there was a scary layer of oil under the pizza.


Sip sip


I moved on to a dark wheat beer, Dunkel Heffe Weissbier, which was perfect timing as a shitload of pork ribs appeared.

It was great stuff. Still moist, with a well-marinated outer. Fortunately the meat doesnt fall off the bone, coz dats for toothless sissies. The Brotzeit guy with us wasn’t certain, but i reckon it’s roasted. At $102, its steep, but enough for a few people.

Meat fest


More meat in the Wursterplatte ($89.70), a combi of garlic sausages, spicy chicken, pork, and mini pork-cheese. And sauerkraut of course. The garlic one was d most interesting, as it had a distinct twang compared to same ol sausage flavours.


What i thought was macaroni was Käsespätzle ($39), homemade egg dough with cheese, a Bavarian thing. Rich n cheesy! Kinda milky too. Best if shared, coz tough to finish.

The massive pig-out ended with Apfelstrudel = apple strudel ($25.30). Any dessert with ice-cream has my vote, and this one is good stuff, with juicy apples inside, and a flaky outer, combined with almond-topped vanilla ice-cream.



Got well-stuffed. We hardly made a dent in the menu.

Only tried two beers, so hopefully will swing by someday to test more.


Brain damage: 6/10

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