Homey trashed

The dawg Homey is down n out. Got into a brutal fight on Saturday night with a neighbour’s dog.

Happier days

Homey normally kicks his ass, but this time, he was probably over-confident. The other bigger dog stuck his fangs into Homey’s neck and just didnt let go. They were trashing around on the road for several minutes.

The neighbours beat their own dog and threw buckets of water on it, and even broke broom sticks on it, but it refused to let go.

It was a long and savage fight. I finally used the bucket and somehow shoved the dog’s face into it.

Messed up

D next day i had to take Homey for surgery to be stitched up in three places where there were large holes. One on his neck and 2 below his ear. Broke a few nails. There was also a hole in his leg that went right thru to d other side. Same thing with the injury on his cheek.

He’s lookin like Dracula got to him.

Ear also senget aredi. Haha

Not dead yet. Doped-up in my ride after surgery

He’s been very quiet, glum and stoned. He finally wagged his tail a little today after two days. Hope he makes a full recovery. The last major fight was slightly more than a year ago. This fight also cost me more than 300 bucks.

Homey got whooped, but i doubt he’s gonna stop brawling.


Natural born brawler


Son of bitch

Homey da dawg is fucked. Dude escaped from d house on Saturday morning and came back lookin like he got raped. Blood all over him n d floor n shit.

Problem is i’m used to seeing him hurt from fights. He’s a punk. Charges into and attacks gangs of dogs. And i gotta be his back-up sometimes dammit. Get in there and start kickin ass.

But he tends to fix himself up.

Yesterday i noticed a very deep hole in his thigh, and a couple more near his ass. From dog fangs. His leg has swelled to a huge size pretty quick. Took him to d vet but was closed.


U wont be smiling if u lose a leg boy!

So today left him at the vet, coz doc needs to knock him out with ketamine first then fix him up. Hope he dont lose the leg.

Will he learn? Nope. I bet he’ll keep picking fights.


OK la, if u lose a leg i'll throw a party to cheer u up

Update: Doc called me yesterday n said “I pumped some medicine through the hole near his butt and it came out through the hole in the leg. The infection has caused the holes to go so deep that it’s now a passage. Also there’s been some severe muscle damage in the leg.” I was like, ok he’s gonna tell me he has to take d leg off. Or put him down. Fuck.

Fortunately for d fucker, he keeps his leg n life. Doc knocked him out n treated the wounds. Homes is on five types of pills, twice a day, for 10 fuckin days.

I couldnt help laughing when i went to collect him. Dude was still anesthesized, so he was drugged up. He tried to walk and his legs gave way. Haha! Terkangkang all.

Then at home he was walking like a drunk! Totally legless. Zig-zagging, falling down. Stoned. But still wanted to get out of d gate.

Like i said, the mafucker didnt learn his lesson. Last night after the treatment he again somehow escaped from the house. If he was lookin for a fight, he would have been too stoned to defend and torn to shreds. Lucky for him he came home in one piece. Gonna keep him in lockdown for a week till he recovers.



Been drinkin n partyin like shit since Club Med, haven’t updated in a few days.

Four days of non-stop boozin in Club Med, then my buddy’s Rubin’s birthday at Social KL, Mike‘s house party Friday, a break yesterday and Sid’s this afternoon – coz it was a goddam beautiful Sunday.

Club Med was sumtin else. It would be great to go with a bunch of party people who don’t mind cocktails for breakfast. But at about 600 bucks a nite/person, not priced for Malaysians.

There’re activities to get involved in if u givashit bout alldat. Never a dull moment.

Was my first visit to Social in Changkat BB. Like d place, especially d tunes as i luv house. Booze is quite reasonable. 310 bucks for a bottle of Scotch, J&B Rare. We got plastered, and after-partied at Somerset, after d usual problems with security.

Well it ain’t a party till security shows up.

Sid’s was  d usual – a few pints of da black shit, with Rubin, Joyce, Henry & Homey. Just gave d dawg a bath, so got license to go pub.



I told those dicks to chill at d beach bar but noo, they had to go out, and found d perfect storm. No survivors

I told those dicks to chill at d beach bar but noo, they had to go out, and found d perfect storm. No survivors

Partyin @ Club Med with Joleen & Fisya

Partyin final nite @ Club Med with Joleen & Fisya

With Rubin & Olivia - Social KL

With Rubin & Olivia - Social KL

"U wanna piece of me furball?!!" Homey eyeballin a competitor @ Sid's

"U wanna piece of me u fuckin furball?!!" Homey eyeballin a competitor @ Sid's

Brain damage rating: 7/10

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