Homey trashed

The dawg Homey is down n out. Got into a brutal fight on Saturday night with a neighbour’s dog.

Happier days

Homey normally kicks his ass, but this time, he was probably over-confident. The other bigger dog stuck his fangs into Homey’s neck and just didnt let go. They were trashing around on the road for several minutes.

The neighbours beat their own dog and threw buckets of water on it, and even broke broom sticks on it, but it refused to let go.

It was a long and savage fight. I finally used the bucket and somehow shoved the dog’s face into it.

Messed up

D next day i had to take Homey for surgery to be stitched up in three places where there were large holes. One on his neck and 2 below his ear. Broke a few nails. There was also a hole in his leg that went right thru to d other side. Same thing with the injury on his cheek.

He’s lookin like Dracula got to him.

Ear also senget aredi. Haha

Not dead yet. Doped-up in my ride after surgery

He’s been very quiet, glum and stoned. He finally wagged his tail a little today after two days. Hope he makes a full recovery. The last major fight was slightly more than a year ago. This fight also cost me more than 300 bucks.

Homey got whooped, but i doubt he’s gonna stop brawling.

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14 thoughts on “Homey trashed

  1. poor homey….hope he get well soon.
    Not matured yet after so long. hmmph!
    Smart move deep in shoving the other dog head into the bucket!! “thumbs up for the move”

  2. Used to happen to all my dogs, they’re born fighters. The last time I separated 2 fighting dogs, ended up with me having 5 stiches on my palm and 3 on my shin. Tot I was separating 2 guys fighting..ha!ha! wuz 15 at the time..the next time I separate fighting dogs…hosing them down with high pressure hose!

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