Natural born brawler


Son of bitch

Homey da dawg is fucked. Dude escaped from d house on Saturday morning and came back lookin like he got raped. Blood all over him n d floor n shit.

Problem is i’m used to seeing him hurt from fights. He’s a punk. Charges into and attacks gangs of dogs. And i gotta be his back-up sometimes dammit. Get in there and start kickin ass.

But he tends to fix himself up.

Yesterday i noticed a very deep hole in his thigh, and a couple more near his ass. From dog fangs. His leg has swelled to a huge size pretty quick. Took him to d vet but was closed.


U wont be smiling if u lose a leg boy!

So today left him at the vet, coz doc needs to knock him out with ketamine first then fix him up. Hope he dont lose the leg.

Will he learn? Nope. I bet he’ll keep picking fights.


OK la, if u lose a leg i'll throw a party to cheer u up

Update: Doc called me yesterday n said “I pumped some medicine through the hole near his butt and it came out through the hole in the leg. The infection has caused the holes to go so deep that it’s now a passage. Also there’s been some severe muscle damage in the leg.” I was like, ok he’s gonna tell me he has to take d leg off. Or put him down. Fuck.

Fortunately for d fucker, he keeps his leg n life. Doc knocked him out n treated the wounds. Homes is on five types of pills, twice a day, for 10 fuckin days.

I couldnt help laughing when i went to collect him. Dude was still anesthesized, so he was drugged up. He tried to walk and his legs gave way. Haha! Terkangkang all.

Then at home he was walking like a drunk! Totally legless. Zig-zagging, falling down. Stoned. But still wanted to get out of d gate.

Like i said, the mafucker didnt learn his lesson. Last night after the treatment he again somehow escaped from the house. If he was lookin for a fight, he would have been too stoned to defend and torn to shreds. Lucky for him he came home in one piece. Gonna keep him in lockdown for a week till he recovers.

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14 thoughts on “Natural born brawler

  1. Dude, get him strapped with some bad ass weapons around his ankles, get the vet to crown his fangs with silver and fit him with some chain link armour around his strategic spots. Dat fucker ain’t gonna stop fighting with those balls still there, so might as well suit him up for battle! lol

  2. U and homey (once he is 100% better) should go out at nite and find the dog that did that to him..homey for sure can find…Drive by beating…U watch only larr but if like homey gets a bit overwhelmed dun u step in with your foot larr or a stick!!!

  3. Ha!ha! Just like my cross breed, always goes looking for fights and ends up being bitten…once had his balls chomped and it was infected by maggots…I had to pump in pure alcohol to kill the maggots and pull them one by one from the hole in his ball sac! My mum held his head while I did the operation…and this was everyday for a week….bastard was off looking for another fight when he healed…eventually died of stomach failure 7 years ago, just before I came to KL to work. Buried the bugger near my bedroom and planted a palm tree over it! Real fighter!!

  4. guys, please, you need to not let your dogs out if they are going to fight and get hurt. Seriously, you have to take charge. Does it not hurt to see them suffering and in pain.
    Need to gate him in double time. Be strict.
    ~better safe than sorry~

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