We did it. The campaign against the proposed tax increase on booze seems to have succeeded. According to previous media reports, the government was planning to increase the duties on alcohol. But on Friday, the Budget proposal didn’t do it. Cool.

When i heard about the government’s plans 2 weeks ago, i decided to form sort of a consumer’s union. So Alcon, Alcohol-Consumer-Rights Group, was born. That was on a Tuesday, the day the lightning campaign began.

Would rather rob it

We ended it last Wednesday, 8 days later, when we handed a petition of 1,000 signatures to the Ministry of Finance. There were also articles about our disapproval in 4 newspapers. We also printed flyers at our own expense and distributed them to drinkers.

Simple n effective

My push was for people power. As was chanted in the movie Battle in Seattle, “The people, united, will never be defeated.”

Goddam right.

Harold & Kumar Go To Putrajaya

Alcon has other aims besides trying to reduce the booze tax. It will be d voice of drinkers as legitimate consumers, and there’re plans to formally launch it. Reasonably-priced booze is what we’re entitled to, but rarely get.

Mark-ups by outlets of between 50%-100% and beyond is  not acceptable. Alcon on Facebook aims to be your platform against such unethical practices. Members can use this platform (eg the group’s wall) to speak their mind. We’ll also inform members about affordable outlets and promos.

The target for the group is 5,000 members by year-end, and 10,000 before the next Budget.

We as consumers need to protect our rights as drinkers, especially against high alcohol prices, whether caused by the government, by the alcohol industry, or by the outlets.

Handing it to the Minister's representative

Initially some people laughed at the thought of the campaign. Doesnt bother me. There are those who only know how to talk / bitch, and get nowhere in life. I heard the usual “C’mon, you think it’s gonna make a difference?”

What a dumb question.

If u ask that question, then you’ll never make a difference in this world.

Every action has a reaction. Doing absolutely nothing obviously is not gonna get anything done.

U know wat, ANY noize is a billion times better than no noize. Coz, the impact of no noize is…….   ZERO.

With regards to outlets, only Geoff Siddle of Sid’s and Denis of Jarrod & Rawlins helped. For reasons best known to them, other bars were unfortunately unsupportive of the campaign.

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8 thoughts on “Cheers!

    • That will be an uphill battle, but let’s go for it. Coz gettin them to not raise the tax was also an uphill battle, but we did it. Yall will be notified on the course of action when the time comes, ie when the Alcon group has more members.

  1. U really went and see that rep? wow. good job. didnt think anybody wud be that serious to stop tax increase on booze. but ur right, u either complain like the rest of the whiners do, or u do something about it. either way, it remains to be seen if it’s effective.

  2. Well, there’s no need to remain to see coz it’s in d past. It was effective. The alternative was they would have happily raised the tax coz they assume we dont mind. We cant blame them for assuming that if no one made a sound

    • Haha! SM Idris has always seemed an old loony. He’s the president of Consumers Association of Penang (CAP), who routinely tries to screw up our lives with ridiculous suggestions. He’s d dude who asked the govt to ban mobile phones! Just ignore.

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