Baskin-Robbins dumps rum FLAVOUR

Looks like Baskin-Robbins Malaysia has gotten rid of its rum ‘n raisin flavoured ice-cream. Some friends of mine were pretty pissed off about this. Picture of notice here.

I told them to do sumtin about it, if they were sincerely upset that is. Am not gonna bother, since i dont eat ice-cream much. Anyway, I already have Alcon goin on. And recently launched huggaz!

It’s supposedly to ensure that their ice-cream is halal.

Weak excuse if u ask me. All that needs to be done is to use a different scoop for the rum flavour. Anyway, even if u eat a whole tub, its not gonna get u drunk. There’s no rum in there anyway! Just some artificial flavour.

If it’s a very popular flavour that people say it is, then i guess consumers would go elsewhere, and BR’s business would be affected.

As for me, i’d rather get some chocolate ice-cream / milkshake and fire a shot of Baileys and Jamaican rum into it!


Whodafuck is Who?

The monkeys at the World Health Organization are workin on a proposal to ban duty-free booze globally.

Are they outta their fuckin little minds?? Whodafuck is WHO to me for it to suggest a rule like dis?

Thats the only source of reasonably-priced booze for poor people all over d world. Wat, this one-bottle quota each is gonna end the world?

U know what i really feel sometimes?? Some people need to be sent to rehab –  to learn how to be human again.

We aint flawless. Accept it.

There’re a million ways to die. Duty-free booze aint gonna do shit. Alcohol paranoia at work again. They must be on some baad LSD.

The best treatment for these alcophobic people. Stuff a bottle of Jose up their ass, but lubricate with some lime n salt first of course

The best treatment for these alcophobic people. Stuff a bottle of Jose up their ass, but lubricate with some lime n rock salt first

Duty-free is the one small thing many travellers look forward to, coz of the price and wide range of booze u can discover at a convenient location. (Actually u can get it in Brickfields too. Haha. Mail me for details.)
For EVERY bottle of liquor sold (non duty-free), $50-$100 goes to the fuckin government (to fund their excessive lifestyles and promote further oppression of the people.)

Obviously, right-thinking people would not wanna pay any tax. It’s something that’s best avoided at all costs.

Anyway, there’s this other organization called the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP). Its full of shit. The president is an extremist called SM Muhd Idris (hmm, wonder what SM stands for). Unfortunately, CAP is very vocal. And very few people fuck them up, considering the crap this senile dude spews.

This nut would ban booze if he could. He’s the loco orang utan who asked the government for a complete ban on mobile phones! Haha! Back to your cave asshole.

Lock him up. Dont throw away the key though. Say “Catch mafucker!” & throw a grenade in.

*Sigh*. Look at what harmless people who just wanna live our lives have to fight against regularly. It’s a constant & vigilant battle to maintain our simple way of life.


Speedzone = Noboozezone

The Speedzone ‘children’s party’ at Genting last Saturday had no booze. Haha! Just like their last one at KL Tower.

So glad i didnt go then . Feel sorry for those who went all the way there and got conned. Imagine being at a party and being forced to remain sober – all night.

Thing is, the kind of unprofessional and unethical people who are behind these events dont even have the BALLS to announce on their promo material and on the websites that its an alcohol-free event. Watdefuck.

Even if u ask.

I’m definitely NEVER going for any Speedzone events. Ever. Fuckin waste of time. Same goes for ‘Freedom‘ events.

These people need to grow up.

Booze-free events are for little teens.