Alcon gettin there

The Star, which has been giving Alcon (Alcohol Consumer Rights Group) minimal publicity, looks to have changed its stand.

It ran a brief letter by Alcon on Saturday. Then on Monday, some old man who writes to The Star daily and who’s like 80 years old replied, saying increase liquor taxes!

Goddamit. We dying out here, and he just goes and shoots his mouth off.

Anyway, good news is today (Wed), it ran Alcon’s reply in full and unedited. We gave back to the old man.

There has been a lot of publicity on Alcon, which I’ll summarize sum up after the Budget.There’s supposed to be a full-on feature story on Alcon on Saturday. Look out for that.

Budget announcement takes place Friday late afternoon. I think cigarettes are gonna be hit. Booze, I feel it’s 50-50. Lets hope for the best.

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6 thoughts on “Alcon gettin there

  1. Dudes, I think the old man was referring to Samsu.

    The goverment should ban samsu altogther. Rm 5 for some cheap ass fire water is the scourge for many poor families.

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