A lil’ taste

Hit a wine tasting last week. Its been awhile. The last time, i was a panelist!

This one was organized by Adventure & Leisure (A&L), a company that deals in all sorts of cool outdoor gear, like the Igloo coolers featured here, as well as wines and ports.

Adventure & booze: My two favourite things.

Wine 'em, dine 'em, sixty-nine 'em

Went down in Italiannies @ The Gardens, KL. My camera was missing for a week (don’t ask), so pix here are from a borrowed a camera dat dont really shoot at night. (Actually, not much diff with my camera then!) To top it off, i was late. A disorganized day.


Seven wines, seven courses. All Italian. $90 net.

My fave was a rosé – Zenato Bardolino DOC, served right at the start (with bruschetta man, one of my goddam numero uno appetizers!). Good drink to kick-off – Easy to drink, not very dry, enough body, and a light finish. Had to have more than one.

Nice spot

Of the food, notable ones were the first course – Prawns & zucchini balls with capers, basil & sun-dried tomato cream. Also the Lamb cutlets, served with butternut squash, roasted cherry tomato & beans, in a rosemary, thyme and mint sauce. Quite a hit. This one came with a red obviously, the Notte di Gallileo Reserva.

Course number 5 - Baked chicken chillin on Milanese risotto, which is drier than normal

Various other Italian wines were featured – 2 whites, 3 reds, and a sparkling red, Merzemino. This was served at the end, as opposed to the regular procedure of opening the evening with a bubbly. Thats coz this one’s sweet, so it became a dessert wine, which came with a Tiramisu, Panna Cotta (i swear this sounds like a vulgar Tamil word or sumtin) and a Rum Baba, which is some pudding made with rum. Surprisingly, not my thing.

Prices range between $65 – $93, although on the nite, they were priced $55 – $75. Very reasonable.

A&L director LC Leong does sessions like this quite regularly. Look forward to the next one, and this time i’ll be more prepared! And will detail more.

The right way to end the night

Brain damage: 7/10

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