Champagne toddy

Those are the only words to describe d premium stuff i had recently.

I was introduced to a new form of amazing ‘cultivated’ toddy, which is unheard of as toddy is pretty wild n naturally-produced. A friend of August Boozepimp Kennhyn brought some to this tasting lunch we had at Kissaten, which serves great rock ‘n roll Japanese cuisine at Jaya One, PJ.

Great stuff

Regular toddy is made from regular coconuts, and fermentation takes place on the tree by wild yeasts. But this limited edition batch we had is from the more fragrant pandan coconut, and fermentation is conducted in a controlled environment, away from the tree. A specially-cultivated yeast is then added to produce some ridiculously-awesome shit.


The aroma is fruity, and so is the taste. Almost like real coconut water. Its also fizzy, and extremely refreshing. I immediately asked for five bottles the next time.

Its light, and alcohol content is between 3-4%.

Sumtin nice to wash d toddy down with

Unfortunately its not being mass-produced. Yet. The dude who made it in his pandan coconut orchard in Bentong plans to get d necessary paperwork done so he can sell it in an organized  manner. Should do the same with my cider!

From the tasting session, the consensus was that this brew would be able to do well.

Missing it real bad

I say go for it man. Its time for some local brew to be bottled and sold in supermarkets n exported n shit.

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