Breakfast of champs

I luv havin a nice, slow, full-on breakfast. When i wake up early that is. The aromas, the fresh air, the morning vibe. The rarity.

Boozy breakfast? Yea, dat too on occasion. Like weekend brunches. Or dat one time i threw my birthday party in the morning. Crazy.

Anyway, beers aren’t the only breakfast drinks out there. Of course there’s champagne too. But a drink specially created for the breakfast market? Yea, there’s one now in the US at least, thanks to Pernod Ricard.

These far-sighted people have just released three breakfast liqueurs under the label Mama Walkers. Flavours? Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake, and Glazed Donut.

Yoo hooo! Come n get it...!

Yoo hooo! Come n get it…!

Gosh. These guys are serious about their breakfast. As they should be.

If you can drink your bacon, why eat it?

At 35% ABV, this is ain’t no kiddy shit. Awesome.

Would luv to get some; or recreate with cocktail syrups! Brown-brown would definitely be in da mix.

Remember….  breakfast…  it’s the most important drink of the day.

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