Localized cocktails 1

Here are a coupla cocktail creations of mine dat are not just extremely nice to drink but dead-easy to make.

1) Kelapa Rock

You dont even feel like you’re havin booze with this one. Refreshing, tasty and goes down easy. Get a coconut or buy coconut water from d coconut dude. If u cut your own coconut, then dont forget to add sugar. Otherwise, they normally add sugar syrup when u buy it from a stall.

Pour into rock/zombie glass. Add two shots of vodka. It’s ready!

Trust me – real good. It went like wild fire at the blog launch.

Jemput minum...

Jemput minum...

2) Brown-Brown

Too easy. Buy a milo-ais. Add a double or triple vodka. Ready to drink!


Two other common cocktails of mine are Deep Red Shit, a sangria with like 10  ingredients  (misplaced the goddam recipe) and The Yeltsin Boogie, a house punch special.

Next on d list of localized cocktails will be limau ais and sirap bandung. Also cendol + Jamaican spiced rum. Will update.


Coconut (not loaded), Hainan

Good ol coconut (not loaded), Hainan

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5 thoughts on “Localized cocktails 1

  1. Introducing Kelapa Siok! (sorry they sound similar, but who cares??)

    Easy. Just replace d vodka in Kepala Rock with Mekong Whiskey. Do not load it with others like Chivas or Blue label!

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