The Glenfiddich ‘distillery’ in Carcosa

William Grant & Sons took over the awesome hill of Carcosa for a few days for Glenfiddich to set-up a little mock-up of distillery.

The party went on for several nights, catering to about 3,000 whisky fans.

I love Carcosa. It’s such a cool spot, with the beautiful main building which has a great classic interior as well. Tastefully renovated too.

The pad

The pad

Anyway, the set-up was classy, and Glenfiddich 12, 15 and 18 were served. Guests were treated to group tours to the ‘distillery’ which was built outside.

Tour in action

Tour in action

After a history lesson on the brand, we were schooled on how whisky is made, with a cool presentation by my buddy Ian Brosnan, who did a great job.

The 'distillery'. Looks great eh?

The ‘distillery’. Looks great eh?

Cool screen

Cool screen

The replica of a still was quite a sight. The last time i saw stills was in Scotland a few years back. I guess the only thing missing was the lovely aromas of alcohol brewing!

The still is still

The still is… very still

The party however was in the main building. Service was excellent.

The bar, which was kinda smalll

The bar, which was kinda limited with the drinks

Halim and his smooth crew

Halim and his smooth crew

Cool stairs. Where to?? Checked it out of course

Cool stairs. Where to?? Checked it out of course

Glenfiddich's head cooper (aka woodman), Ian McDonald showed up. These are the guys who build the oak barrels. They do 126 per day at the distillery in Dufftown

Glenfiddich’s head cooper (aka woodman), Ian McDonald showed up and got down. These are the guys who build the oak barrels for maturation. They do 126 per day at the distillery in Dufftown

The 12 is matured in American bourbon and Spanish sherry oak casks. Glenfiddich translates to valley of the deer in Gaelic.  It’s still managed by the fifth generation of William Grant’s descendants.

The good stuff

The good stuff

The 12, with its famous triangular bottle, is definitely one of the single malts that i enjoy. I find it easily enjoyable, pleasant, and smooth. Fresh with a mellow finish. Hence, it’s the world’s best-selling single malt. It’s expressions go up to 50 year-olds.

They are also the first ones to package whisky in cyndrical tins.

Let’s hope they have events at more cool spots like this.


Door gift. I tot it was a lil bottle of perfume and dabbed it on my face. It worked. Kinda


Brain damage: 7/10


Absolut Andy Warhol

Absolut threw another cool party at another cool spot recently. This was to introduce the limited edition Absolut Andy Warhol, celebrating creativity and pop art.

The design replicates the original Absolut Warhol artwork, which Andy created for in 1986 in Absolut’s very first artist collaboration campaign.

The spot was Vallette Gallery, a large house among fancy residences in Damansara Heights. It represents a local and international spectrum of artists, reflected in paintings, sculptures, installation art and photography.

Comes with a pool too

Comes with a pool too

Old skool

Old skool

Done by a Malaysian artist

Done by a Malaysian artist

The bottle features mostly a black facade, with blue, pink and yellow details.

According to Absolut’s Director of Storytelling Nodjame Fouad, the original Absolut Warhol painting hangs safe in a museum, but this bottle brings Andy Warhol’s artwork to the world.

Looks pretty cool

Looks pretty cool

There were several Absolut cocktails for guests to enjoy of course. Blue on Blue is a pretty nice cocktail to enjoy, tho i usually avoid blue cocktails. It’s 1.5 parts Absolut, 1 coconut water, 1 cranberry juice (never use a brand called Ocean Spray), 0.5 Blue Curacao, 0.5 syrup.


Don't drop it Andy! An art piece that was done on-the-spot

Don’t drop it Andy! An art piece that was done on-the-spot

The limited edition Absolut Warhol is available in both the domestic and duty-free market. For those who are travelling, it’s available at The Absolut Brand Store located in Contact Pier Zone F, KLIA.

Funny guy

Funny guy

Brain damage: 8/10


300 years of Martell

One of the world’s finest cognacs, Martell, celebrated 300 years of existence recently. It’s the oldest of the great cognac houses, when Jean Martell laid it down way back in 1715 at the height of the era’s art de vivre, the French art of living.

For those that dont know, cognac is fine brandy (aged minimum two years in oak) from the area of Cognac, France. Brandy is made from grapes, and is actually distilled wine. Yummy.

Great on rocks.

The good news is i won myself a bottle of Martell!

The gallery

The gallery

Martell went for a low-key start with the first of the Tricentenaire celebrations at Elegantology, which will culminate with a gala dinner at a venue yet to be announced. The unique venue is a gallery-cum-restaurant in Publika, KL.

Modern candles

Modern candles

The celebration didnt have 300 candles, but it did have 300 light bulbs, as well as cake. Coincidentally it was my friend’s birthday, and she too received a bottle of Martell! Unfortunately for her, she’s not a cognac fan (fortunately for me tho).

The party was also attended by Jacques Menier, the Heritage Director of Martell.


A special edition

Mine! (x2)

Mine! (x2)


We were treated to a really good cocktail – ginger and lime muddled, Martell VSOP added, topped with lemonade soda. Goes down nice.


It’s called Summit

The three artistic pillars of gastronomy, tasting and craftsmanship remain intrinsic to the Martell house, and am looking forward to the year-long celebration to reflect that!

Brain damage: 7.5/10


Heineken and Guinness rock on

Heineken has launched a new label for some of its bottled beers, featuring six cities of the world. It’s a global campaign aimed at inspiring people to get out of their routines and start exploring their cities. A good idea.

Fortunately KL is one of them, so there was a cool party called Cities of the World to introduce the Cities bottle and campaign. It went down in an industrial zone in PJ, and the set-up (from scratch) was really good.

New Heineken Bottles.

Getting to the bar / music area required some navigation, and it felt like a maze, and i opened quite a few dud doors. There were exhibits and all along the way, and some salsa thing goin on.



Goin somewhere?

The main room featured an island bar and DJs on ground-level decks. Among the performers were Goldfish and Blink, as well as Hulkas. The boys from Hulkas rocked it. Awesome house set.

Hulkas in action

Bust a move

Heineken says that the campaign aims to “inspire people to move away from their usual habits and discover more within their own backyard.” It would be interesting to see how they plan to do this.

Salud. (pix by @juzliv)

Salud (pix by @juzliv)

There’s a website that’s been built to give people a look into interesting locations around them. Not very impressed with it though. Lack of content.

I’ve seen a lot of my city, but coincidentally i plan to see more of the inner city soon, by booking a couple of days in a hotel downtown. And explore.

New Heineken Bottles

Drinkers will find a unique code under the cap of each limited-edition bottle, which gives people a chance to win prizes, including an opportunity to unlock worldly adventures in New York. You can checkout the site here.


GUINNESS meanwhile has launched the Amplify campaign, one that’s based on music.

With this, the Arthur’s Day seems discontinued. Amplify seems more focused on local talent, and more personal as opposed to Arthur’s Day’s mega gigs.


Launch in session at a bar in PJ

It’s a platform for extraordinary local musicians to showcase their talent alongside international stars, and will feature fourteen of Malaysia’s best acts including Kyoto Protocol, Paperplane Pursuit, OJ Law, Froya, and An Honest Mistake. International act Howie Day will be joining the party on Sept 6 at The Bee, which is the kick-off.

4. Guinness Amplify Live Tour Listings

Admission to the 6 shows in the Guinness Amplify Live Tour will be free of charge and on a first-come, first-served basis, and will feature special promos on Guinness throughout the night. More details here.

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