Patron Secret Surprise Dinner @ Marini’s on 57

Yup, dat was d title of a session by Patron in the city recently. I like Marini’s – nice n fancy for a proper dinner with great drinks.


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Proceedings began with the one-of-kind ‘Bloody Mary’, a stronger called Marini’s Blooded Junior, as it was created by Junior Joe, formerly of View Bar, now with Marini’s.


Marini's bar area

Marini’s bar area


With a base of Patron Silver, it’s got Asian-kitchen aromas, as there’s a bbq-powder rim, Maggi seasoning sauce, and some tomato juice. A unique, herbaly drink, with a bitter finish. The celery ice-cubes sure grow on you.

This was served with smoked shrimps.


Some of the participants

Some of the participants


The second cocktail, Twisted Moments is like a margarita that’s more like a martini – strong, and taste-wise, bitter-sweet. This uses Patron Reposado.


Served with bamboo clams

Paired with a dish of bamboo clams marinated in Reposado


Berries Basil Smash was definitely my fave of the night – a fruity blow-up. Very pleasant berry aromas, and a superb fruit cocktail experience. Berries go really well with tequila, especially slightly-aged ones. This Patron Anejo drink was served with Venison Tartare. Great stuff.


Keep 'em comin!

Keep ’em comin!





Patron also has a vodka! This was used to make the Ultimate Martini. Two words – very strong. (Served with caviar.)






Ultimat vodka


Unfortunately i had to split before the dessert, and missed the Patron XO Cafe!


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The orange version - excellent! Had several shots

The orange version, Patron Citronge – excellent! Had several shots. Orange liqueur, but at 40%

The crew, with Junior second from right

The crew, with Junior second from right


Patron is a well-respected, 100% agave tequila. While the Silver is the standard issue, the Anejo and Reposado display more character due to aging in barrels.

The first time i had it, things got messy. Haha

And it comes in cool bottles too!


Brain damage: 7.5/10


Kronenbourg Blanc @ Marini’s

Kronenbourg threw a great party at the rooftop joint, Marini’s on 57.

It was to introduce the beer, which launched a year ago, to more drinkers. The party was called Project Pleasure: Unmasking the French Taste of Summer.

It’s a beer with various flavours, as it has wheat, coriander n orange peel as its ingredients. I like it.

Marini’s is a new bar, lounge and soon-to-open restaurant. It’s taken the entire rooftop of Tower 3, KLCC.

Welcome drink

Waay up

Lots of glass & steel all round

The turf was a nice touch

Closest neighbour

Will checkit once fully completed.


Brain damage: 8/10

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