How to drink & drive

Yea, we all do it. So cut the crap. The challenge is how to do it right.
Drink-driving is LEGAL. U can even drink while driving. It’s only illegal if ur over the limit. So don’t get conned by d damn cops.

The BAC (blood alcohol content) limit in Malaysia is 0.08%. Anything below is fine.

If u hit 1%, you dead. As in physically dead.

U can achieve 0.08% if u have three quick drinks, but there’re many variables like body mass, sex, stomach contents. Also, alcohol takes longer to leave the body of some Asians who have alcohol flush reaction, also known as the lobster-face syndrome!

Poster at GAB’s Tavern

As described above, u can only get intoxicated if u consume more than one drink an hour, coz dats d speed that your body metabolizes alcohol (ie, sobers you up). If u wanna ace a breathalyzer, remember that.

What’s one ‘standard drink’? It’s one portion, ie, a mug of beer (330ml), one shot of whisky (30-45ml), one glass of wine (150ml), etc. (One drink must contain 15ml of ethanol /  pure alcohol.) For drink measurements, refer here.

If you have only one of the above every hour, you will not fail a breathalyzer. Unfortunately you wont be very high either.

Here are some tips to drive after drinkin:

1. Drive real slow. Even if u hit anything, there’ll be no issues / injuries. And FOCUS. Well, try to anyway. Haha

2. Drive, but the next morning. Sleep it off in your car if its parked in a safe spot

3. Ditch d wheels n pick it up tomw. Go back with a friend or a cab

4. If u gonna drive, one good technique is down shifting your gear to Low or 3. U’ll have better control over d car, n d speed is mechanically limited by the engine. I’d highly recommend this technique, coz it works. But u gotta resist the temptation to shift up. Both hands on d wheel!

5. If ur stopped by cops n blow into a breathalyzer, n score below 80, don’t let them shit u. U passed d test. Unless they place u under arrest for some other reason, u can leave. Read more in my post on Drinks, dirty cops and roadblocks.

6. If u gonna drink while driving, utilize one of these handy cup-holders for a hands-free session. Sure helps. Combine them with a huggaz to make sure your beer stays cold!


Its the peak of the Party Season 2011 yall.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays n drive safe!

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