Now dats what i call a streak

Crazy week, last week. Waaay too many events. Every damn day.

I’m surprised am still alive.

i didnt have time to crap.

And almost all sessions started during the day, good for a day-drunk like me, but somehow i ended going to bed very, very late every nite, coz continued elsewhere. And i was working the whole week too. No MC or crap like dat.

Kickoff times –

Mon – 5pm

Tue – 8pm

Wed – 7pm

Thu – 6.30pm

Fri – 6pm

Sat – 1pm (beers only)

Sun – 2.30pm

Started on Monday with a Guinness event at The Tavern, at their brewery –

Starter for d week

Starter for d week

Meet Kenny, beer blogger

Meet Kenny, a drunk

GAB launched "Der Oktoberfest"

GAB launched "Der Oktoberfest"

Next day Library launch –

Help-yourself Hoegaardens

Help-yourself Hoegaardens - for selected guests. Heheh

Chased with Scotch

Chased with Scotch at Sid's

Then Teeq launch

Fruity spread

Fruity spread

Then Absolut party

A bar waiting to be raped

A bar waiting to be raped

Then PUBLIC launch

Fifth party of d week. Taking its toll now

Fifth party of d week. Only two to go

Then Deepavali lunch at a fren’s place. Drank of course.

– no pictures

Then my bro’s Deepavali booze-up on Sunday the seventh day of non-stop boozing, at  Sid’s TTDI.

Good ol single malt

Good ol single malt

My bro's kid in dahaus!

My bro's kid in dahaus!

Afternoon sessions. I like

Afternoon sessions. I like

Finsihed the day & d week at Henry's parents place in Klang. Booze-infused, Deepavali popiah-rolling party at a Chinese Malaysian house. Yup!

Finished Sunday & d insane week at Henry's folks' place in Klang. Booze-infused, popiah-rolling Deepavali party at a Chinese Malaysian house. Yup!

Just to top it off in style, there was even a floor crawler spotted at our pad

Just to top it off in style, there was even a floor-crawler spotted at our pad


Dat was my heaviest week in a while. Dont plan to repeat it.

If any of my friends calls me out drinking today or tomw, i’ll have to kill them, and call it self-defence. Coz obviously they want me dead.

Brain damage rating: 9.5/10

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