Goddam raw deal

That’s what’s we’re getting, as the Malaysian ringgit has appreciated significantly against major currencies like the US dollar, Euro, Aussie and pound sterling.

As the booze we drink here is imported, prices should have dropped by now. The currencies have lost 20% against the ringgit. So if u used to pay 15 bucks for a particular beer, it should now cost only $12.

Booze costs much less now

If u used to pay $300 for a bottle of liquor, the price now should be $240. That’s quite a difference.

Have the brands or distributors or bars or restaurants reduced prices? I’ve yet to see any!

That to me is FRAUD.

But dont expect any mercy from businesses.

Damn ultra-capitalists.

When Carlsberg Malaysia and GAB raised their beer prices by a mere 3% a coupla months back, some places raised beer prices by 50 cents! Thats more like 10%. Which is more than three times the stipulated increase.

But stay tuned if our currency depreciates – then businesses be stepping on each other’s fuckin faces to raise prices.

The same goes for other imported products – prices of stuff like mobile phones, Macs, cameras, chocolates & cookies, cars, fuel, outdoor gear, magazines, foodstuff, shoes, electronic products, shitloads of other stuff too.

But as usual, Malaysians are getting shafted up the ass by businesses. Screwed by the drinking business too.


Did u know that…

… a pint of Hoegaarden only costs about $12?

And so a half pint is only $6?

Well now u know!

Are drinkers here gettin scammed?


Some outlets sell a pint at $25, some close to $30, some more than that! And a half pint close to 20 bucks! Massive marking-up like these should be made a criminal offense dammit. Dats why Malaysians’ purchasing power never improves – greedy, short-term minded businesses.

Not worth half as much as u think

The right price for a pint of Hoegaarden (Carlsberg Malaysia) should be $15 – $20. And a half pint no more than $10. It aint a premium drink.

Bars the world over dont mark-up their prices so much, esp for beer! They aren’t short-term minded capitalistic wannabe millionaires, and rely on a higher turnover over a longer period.

The cost for a pint at a bar in Europe (after mark-up of course, and considering their costs and overheads are much higher) is only between 3 to 4 Euros! (Even if u convert, its between $12-$16).

I wdnt pay more than 20 bucks for this beer.

While bars here mark-up beers like Tiger, Carlsberg etc, by about $5 (max $10), they mark-up Hoegaarden by $20, sometimes more! So here comes the inevitable question – Why??, i  hear u scream.

Good question. Go ask the bar owners. Am sure they’ll come up with some good excuses.

My opinion? Greed.

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