Goddam raw deal

That’s what’s we’re getting, as the Malaysian ringgit has appreciated significantly against major currencies like the US dollar, Euro, Aussie and pound sterling.

As the booze we drink here is imported, prices should have dropped by now. The currencies have lost 20% against the ringgit. So if u used to pay 15 bucks for a particular beer, it should now cost only $12.

Booze costs much less now

If u used to pay $300 for a bottle of liquor, the price now should be $240. That’s quite a difference.

Have the brands or distributors or bars or restaurants reduced prices? I’ve yet to see any!

That to me is FRAUD.

But dont expect any mercy from businesses.

Damn ultra-capitalists.

When Carlsberg Malaysia and GAB raised their beer prices by a mere 3% a coupla months back, some places raised beer prices by 50 cents! Thats more like 10%. Which is more than three times the stipulated increase.

But stay tuned if our currency depreciates – then businesses be stepping on each other’s fuckin faces to raise prices.

The same goes for other imported products – prices of stuff like mobile phones, Macs, cameras, chocolates & cookies, cars, fuel, outdoor gear, magazines, foodstuff, shoes, electronic products, shitloads of other stuff too.

But as usual, Malaysians are getting shafted up the ass by businesses. Screwed by the drinking business too.

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5 thoughts on “Goddam raw deal

  1. You know what, I personally think that we need to start a website/blog/whatever information page, maybe a twitter for instance, and keep informing people (in Malaysia as a start) about the cheap and the RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE/CEKIK DARAH places-slash-businesses here. It can be anything from electronic shops, restaurants, automotive/spare parts workshops, bars, real estate, you name it.

    People can also suggest readers to go to certain places where you can get the same thing/services for a cheaper price. Eventually, when less people subscribe to their cheebai-ly expensive businesses, all these capitalists will have to lower their price and compete price with the cheaper ones, otherwise they’ll ‘gulung tikar’.

    This is of course, an ideal suggestion. But don’t we all like free/cheaper stuff? Ban/boycott places with ridiculous prices. Start being choosy and pay for only what you should. Problem here is that we have no minimum wage, we don’t have a strong price control over products, we think we are rich and spend like nobody’s business, the fact that we’re paying 20-30% more of EVERYTHING, and it goes to a few mafakas that doesn’t pay for anything, they get away for free, all the time.

    It’s our rights to stop feeding these goddam mafakas.

  2. Ur spot-on dude. We get ripped on a daily basis. Thats why this country aint progressing and people cant earn enough – coz of GREED. And profiteering, which is what’s goin on now with the currency thing.

    This post is actually kinda like a repetition of a letter i wrote to The Star last week.

    A Twitter account wd be a good start man. Go for it, u’ll have this blog’s support. U can name in ‘conjobmy’ or sumtin, and consumers can use it to shame businesses that dont charge reasonably.

    “Malaysians pay 20-30% more for everything” is a conservative statement.

    U can buy some shit in Singapore or elsewhere at half the price here, even AFTER conversion AND tax! So obviously the mark-ups here are goddam ridiculous.

    And ur right that salaries generally suck. Add to that, they hire cheap foreign slaves to suck them dry, and also coz they can reduce salaries even further. Even some bars are hiring foreigners! Wtf do they know abt our F&B culture?! But dats for another post. Haha

    Many ‘educated’ Malaysians are extremely dumfuck naive consumers. Failures compared to many overseas ones, hence the ultra-capitalists always get away with it.

    We’re definitely paying too much for products, and making greedy mafuckers millionaires overnight.
    This must end soon.

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