Did u know that…

… a pint of Hoegaarden only costs about $12?

And so a half pint is only $6?

Well now u know!

Are drinkers here gettin scammed?


Some outlets sell a pint at $25, some close to $30, some more than that! And a half pint close to 20 bucks! Massive marking-up like these should be made a criminal offense dammit. Dats why Malaysians’ purchasing power never improves – greedy, short-term minded businesses.

Not worth half as much as u think

The right price for a pint of Hoegaarden (Carlsberg Malaysia) should be $15 – $20. And a half pint no more than $10. It aint a premium drink.

Bars the world over dont mark-up their prices so much, esp for beer! They aren’t short-term minded capitalistic wannabe millionaires, and rely on a higher turnover over a longer period.

The cost for a pint at a bar in Europe (after mark-up of course, and considering their costs and overheads are much higher) is only between 3 to 4 Euros! (Even if u convert, its between $12-$16).

I wdnt pay more than 20 bucks for this beer.

While bars here mark-up beers like Tiger, Carlsberg etc, by about $5 (max $10), they mark-up Hoegaarden by $20, sometimes more! So here comes the inevitable question – Why??, i  hear u scream.

Good question. Go ask the bar owners. Am sure they’ll come up with some good excuses.

My opinion? Greed.

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