Alco vs alcoholic

I think they mean two different things.

An alcoholic is a fuckin alcoholic. Needs to drink to function and live life. Basically, a junkie. (So i’m definitely not one, i dont think.)

At least she didnt drive home

At least she didnt drive home

An alco is sumtin else – an affectionate term to describe a guy/girl who likes drinks, ‘appreciates’ them. An aficionado perhaps. Alco dont mean alcoholic.  I’ve been called an alco many times, out of pure love. Sallgood.

However, the online self-tests for alcoholism have some questions that i answered “Yes” to.  Like: “Can you handle more liquor now than when you first started drinking?” I mean, come on. Stupid question.

Also: “On the “morning after,” have you been unable to remember part of the evening before – even though friends say you didn’t pass out?” Haha! This one have to admit happened just last week. In fact it’s been happening often. It’s called a Brown-out.

At least i got “No”s for these: “Do you sometimes stay drunk for several days at a time?”(well OK, only in Langkawi. I also hear that ‘”staying drunk” is also a good way to avoid a hangover); and “Do you sometimes have the morning “shakes” and relieve them with a drink?” I dont get the shakes, tho i have drank in the morning. Last time was Saturday. So am all good.

The test says: “If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have some symptoms that may indicate alcoholism.”

U fuckin kiddin me man? I think most of us have some alcoholic in us then. [I hope i dont piss off d Australian Alcoholics Anonymous again (was for an article i wrote in The Star). Haha!]

Among other ‘alco’ terms i use, there’s also alconnoisseur. Someone who knows his/her drinks. Alcopop – someone who cant hold their drinks and totally loses it when drunk, like Volume. And finally a nickname we gave a big guy who drank a lot – alcosaurus.

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