Alco vs alcoholic

I think they mean two different things.

An alcoholic is a fuckin alcoholic. Needs to drink to function and live life. Basically, a junkie. (So i’m definitely not one, i dont think.)

At least she didnt drive home

At least she didnt drive home

An alco is sumtin else – an affectionate term to describe a guy/girl who likes drinks, ‘appreciates’ them. An aficionado perhaps. Alco dont mean alcoholic.  I’ve been called an alco many times, out of pure love. Sallgood.

However, the online self-tests for alcoholism have some questions that i answered “Yes” to.  Like: “Can you handle more liquor now than when you first started drinking?” I mean, come on. Stupid question.

Also: “On the “morning after,” have you been unable to remember part of the evening before – even though friends say you didn’t pass out?” Haha! This one have to admit happened just last week. In fact it’s been happening often. It’s called a Brown-out.

At least i got “No”s for these: “Do you sometimes stay drunk for several days at a time?”(well OK, only in Langkawi. I also hear that ‘”staying drunk” is also a good way to avoid a hangover); and “Do you sometimes have the morning “shakes” and relieve them with a drink?” I dont get the shakes, tho i have drank in the morning. Last time was Saturday. So am all good.

The test says: “If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have some symptoms that may indicate alcoholism.”

U fuckin kiddin me man? I think most of us have some alcoholic in us then. [I hope i dont piss off d Australian Alcoholics Anonymous again (was for an article i wrote in The Star). Haha!]

Among other ‘alco’ terms i use, there’s also alconnoisseur. Someone who knows his/her drinks. Alcopop – someone who cant hold their drinks and totally loses it when drunk, like Volume. And finally a nickname we gave a big guy who drank a lot – alcosaurus.

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8 thoughts on “Alco vs alcoholic

  1. ha ha bro u are brilliant bro…where have u been hiding and how come our paths have never crossed when we have quite a few mutual friends. Rasvin, Kabs, byron etc…

  2. We just discussed this last night in group. Everytime someone relapses, which is all to frequently, we have to go over what happened and devise tactics to defeat it next time. Sometimes that means re-visiting the basics and sometimes it gets a lot more complicated. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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