Beer also can kecoh ah? Rilek laa

Some people in Shah Alam want to ban d sales of beers at convenience stores there. Are they sane? It’s just beer for cryin out loud.

Devil's piss

Beer = satan

Yea, we all know Muslims aren’t supposed to drink beer (if they follow what they religion says), but does the religion also say non-Muslims cant have access to beer? I doubt it. Muslim rules dont apply to those who dont believe in that religion.

It’s like me saying to Muslims or Jews its ok to eat pork coz my religion says its ok. Dat’s wrong.

If u dont wanna drink, just dont drink la. Chill. There’s really no need to freak out n over react n deny others their rights. So there’s beer for sale there – but does someone drag u to the store, drag u to pick up a beer, drag u to d cashier, then force the beer down your  throat? I sure havent seen shit like dat happen before.

Convenience stores are for d convenience of everyone right?

If this is d concept, what wd be next? Ban food with pork over there? Ban beef in Sentul cos majority are Hindus? It dont work dat way man.

Just disallow sales to Muslims there la. Problem solved.

Politicians always tryin to divide Muslims and non-Muslims. Bodoh.

A caveman and alcophobic like Hassan Ali should remain in a cave, no?

No temptations there. No beer there either.

Rilek la. Kita semua orang Malaysia. Satu geng.

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