Freedom Festival – what next?

I got a reply from the Prime Minister’s Dept (Public Complaints Bureau) about a complaint i lodged against Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka (JAIM) about them stepping on the rights of non-Muslims to drink, and dress how they want.

JAIM claims they weren’t even there at the event. The organizer told me they were.

Looks like someone might be lying?

Either way, the Federal government via Minister of Information, Communications & Culture Rais Yatim are using this fanatical, Nazi government body called PUSPAL to try and impose some silly new rules for entertainment events – u cant drink alcohol (even non-Muslims!), and no alcohol sponsorship.

So i hear the Akon concert has been cancelled because of this silly rule. Coz the sponsor is an alcohol company. Last i heard, alcohol is legal in Malaysia, a secular country.

U wanna make some noise? Write to the papers. And inform as many as you can to do something about it in their own way.

We can’t allow the Talibans to slowly and queitly turn this country into an Afghanistan-wannabe. If u dont stop their plans at the early stage, u’ll wake up one day and realize u have no rights left.

At that point, stop bitching coz nothing can be done.

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