A coupla pretty cool new mixers are in town. It’s for lazy butts, and also good to bring along to a house party. Or if u wanna have some fun on a lazy, chillin Saturday afternoon at home / poolside.

One is by Tabasco, those fuckers who burn mouths very well. It’s a pre-mix called Bloody Mary Mix. The one available here is labelled “Mildly Seasoned”. The other choice is “Extra Spicy”, which i havent seen yet. Price is $23.90 (946ml), spotted at Hock Lee’s in Damansara Heights, Jln Batai. It contains lime juice, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, extra thick concentrated tomato juice, Tabasco, horseradish and lemon juice.

Come n get it!

Tabasco hot pepper sauce has been a key ingredient in Bloody Marys since the cocktail’s creation in the early 1920′s.

Did u know that, like alcohol, Tabasco is aged for up to three years in oak barrels? Well now u know.

(Btw Tabasco now has a habanero mix. Habanero is that lil’ bastardo dat fried my face at Frontera. And cooked Henry’s brains to ‘well-done’.)

The other is by tequila boys Jose Cuervo, called Margarita Mix (Classic Lime). The one-liter bottle costs $26.90. The other one by Cuervo (not spotted yet) is Strawberry Lime.

I luv margaritas, especially frozen, strong ones. Makes me feel all tropical n shit, ideally sipped poolside or beachside. Coz tequilas can be enjoyed slow rather than slammed.

Sheeet, now i feel i shd bought d goddam mixer. Thirsty.

These are pretty much moron-proof mixers, so get your blenders out this weekend and get busy!

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