Tiffin teaser party

We had a great time at Taste of Tiffin, a two-day event at Publika organized by Freeform Untitled. Took my  mixologist Imran along as well, to check out the alcohol section.

It was certainly an experiential celebration of food and drink. Although we only attended one afternoon, it was obvious that it was a unique collection of food and drinks all in one spot, with a total guest count of 3,000.


The set-up outside

There were three parts of the event that we visited – the food booths outside, the ones inside, and the booze section. There was some really good grub all around, and we were spoilt for choice. I vaguely recall swallowing some Mexican stuff in the afternoon while buzzed.


The afternoon session

Anyway, my highlight was in the Black Box – the sampling sessions in the afternoon, as well as cocktail stands. I got so wasted at one point just from sampling the variety that was given, that i had to leave. Swallowed the Mexican stuff at the food section, then came back.

I enjoyed trying out some new gin from Australia, West Winds – the Sabre, and the Cutlass. Especially the Sabre – kinda tangy and sweetish. These gins are available at Locker & Loft.

There were about 40 different spirits to try at the event!


The Wholly Spirits boys



Some of the booty



Many mini-bars to select from

The best part of this event is that it’s actually merely a teaser to the main event, Tiffin Week. This goes down Sept 24 – Oct 3 at Publika. Expect a very interesting and fun ten days.

Launching mid-2016

Launching mid-2016 for Sept

But in the meantime, Tiffin is also organizing an F&B experience for Urbanscapes 2016. Locker & Loft will be involved in the final weekend of Urbanscapes in KL, May 7 & 8, where we’ll be making alcoholic ”daytime drinks!” from 11am on Saturday & Sunday.

Event details here. Day-drinkers, rejoice.


Brain damage: 8/10



A coupla pretty cool new mixers are in town. It’s for lazy butts, and also good to bring along to a house party. Or if u wanna have some fun on a lazy, chillin Saturday afternoon at home / poolside.

One is by Tabasco, those fuckers who burn mouths very well. It’s a pre-mix called Bloody Mary Mix. The one available here is labelled “Mildly Seasoned”. The other choice is “Extra Spicy”, which i havent seen yet. Price is $23.90 (946ml), spotted at Hock Lee’s in Damansara Heights, Jln Batai. It contains lime juice, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, extra thick concentrated tomato juice, Tabasco, horseradish and lemon juice.

Come n get it!

Tabasco hot pepper sauce has been a key ingredient in Bloody Marys since the cocktail’s creation in the early 1920′s.

Did u know that, like alcohol, Tabasco is aged for up to three years in oak barrels? Well now u know.

(Btw Tabasco now has a habanero mix. Habanero is that lil’ bastardo dat fried my face at Frontera. And cooked Henry’s brains to ‘well-done’.)

The other is by tequila boys Jose Cuervo, called Margarita Mix (Classic Lime). The one-liter bottle costs $26.90. The other one by Cuervo (not spotted yet) is Strawberry Lime.

I luv margaritas, especially frozen, strong ones. Makes me feel all tropical n shit, ideally sipped poolside or beachside. Coz tequilas can be enjoyed slow rather than slammed.

Sheeet, now i feel i shd bought d goddam mixer. Thirsty.

These are pretty much moron-proof mixers, so get your blenders out this weekend and get busy!

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