Johnnie’s new look

After many, many years, Johnnie Walker has modified the look of its Black Label bottle. The introduction went down at Teeq on Lot 10’s rooftop.

Pre-dinner drinks were several types of whisky cocktails, not really a thing for me, as i enjoy its flavours with water.

Guests were treated to a short talk by the brand ambassador, as well as an interesting “Keep Walking” video, the story of JW.

The whisky has sure come a long way from its origins in John Walker’s grocery store almost 200 years back. The Red Label is the best-selling whisky in the world, with five bottles downed a second.

There was a tasting too! I like. We got to try several of their labels….. including…. ….. Blue! My fave!

Serialized. Dont mess

Of the millions of casks in the Johnnie Walker reserves, only a few in a thousand are set aside to mature for the Blue. Some of these rare casks are from distilleries that no longer exist, making them irreplaceable. But i’m sidetracking.

Ready for 'class'

Yummy. Enjoyed/emptied them all

Yea, use two hands now

The great food of Teeq accompanied the whiskies prepared for us. The finale was ice-cream, chocolate & sum other sweet stuff with a shot of Gold Label Reserve, a special blend that is relatively new. Best enjoyed neat, chilled or over ice.

Seems like a strange combi

Anyway, about the new bottle (almost forgot about that!). I like it. If the old bottle was very classic, the new one’s a mix of that and modern. Should pass the Uncle Test.

The top has a stronger shoulder, while the bottom half has changed significantly – not as squarish, but rounder and refined. The bottle’s base is now an octagon rather than a square.

Security features are enhanced to prevent counterfeit whisky. Once the cap’s seal is popped, a gold ring will indicate that.

Old (L) and new

The labels have also changed, and the bottom label’s gone minimal and transparent to accentuate the bottle’s fine, tight new ass. Check it out. Give it a spank. The new bottles are already out there as of late last month.


Brain damage: 8/10


On da roof

Lot 10 has a new rooftop, and its cool. Checked out d launch of Teeq Brasserie (reservations: 03-2782 3555) last nite with drinking sidekick Joleen.

It used to be a parking lot. YTL has turned it into sumtin called the Forest in the City, with the restaurant, a new club called Rootz, a fitness centre & Actors Studio.

The side entrance

The side entrance

The place is phat! And so was the booze – champagne, wine, fancy cocktails.

Nice for garden parties

Nice for garden parties

Toddy ah?

Oi! Toddy ah?

Some cocktails in coconuts showed up. I tot it wuz Kelapa Rock, but it wasnt.

The Rootz launch took place a few days later but i stayed home. Fever. Dammit! Nevermind, they’re planning one for d media soon.

Knock yourself out

Knock yourself out

Teeq's on d right, while Rootz on d left - new club to-be-opened

Teeq's on d right, while Rootz (pyramid shape roof) on d left



Dont ask

Dont ask, coz i dont remember

Loud toilet

Cocktail-coloured toilet

Gettin mixed up with a couple of chicos who were performing

Gettin mixed up with a couple of chicos who were performing

With Joleen & Abby, both gettin senget aredi

With Joleen & Abby, both gettin senget aredi

Met a table, with a human body growing outta it

Met a movin table, with a human body growing outta it

Brain damage rating: 8.5/10

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