Sake sampling

Sake. Hmmm.

Anyway, had a session with some top stuff recently, with a Peking Duck dinner at Imperial Hotel, Subang.

Proceedings kicked off with some sparkling yuzu (Kozaemon, ABV 5%). Never had it before – grapefruit juice with sake in it. It’s like that kat chai shin mui shit – very sweet-sour, with a strong tang.


The girls loved it.

Next of the four drinks was the Junmai Daiginjo (16%). The daiginjo term means this one’s a top cat, premium stuff. It smelt of fruit – overripe banana to be exact.

$350 a pop retail

It tastes sweetish, but maintains the sake blandness. It’s even got a lychee-like tinge. Nice.

The Peking Duck made it’s entrance about then. Great stuff i gotta say.

Dead duck

Next on d list was the Junmai Miya…. (ABV 15.5%). This one smelt of fruity rice, and tastes less sweet. We had it with siew yoke.

I preferred this one if am consuming a lot. Goes down easier. However, the  others liked the Junmai Daiginjo.

This one’s $180

If the sake has the word junmai on it, that means it’s only made purely from rice. Otherwise, it also has distilled alcohol in it.

After dinner, shit got serious. A mega bottle of yuzu appeared.

More juice?

Tastes a lot like a lemon concentrate drink, to me anyway.

What we learnt is that these sakes are from old, boutique breweries (they dont call them wineries). However 90% of the sake in Malaysia are from four to five commercial breweries.

My ride met a buddy

Overall the Japanese drink and the Chinese food went together pretty effortlessly. It shd be reasonably easy for these guys to market the sake to some of the more established Chinese restaurants. In the meantime, contact (03) 7846-8282 if u want their sakes (7 types in total).


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