Lao lao Laos

Had a great week in Laos. Vang Vieng to be specific. Second time around.

Hit it with my bro & Klang Kenny. As soon as we strolled outta d airport in Vientiane, we were on da road to VV. The three-hour journey took longer due to d many Beer Lao stops, as well as sourcing for bites.

Food over there is consistently great, whether local or foreign. The street-side grilled pork ribs are insane!

Spotted a bbq goin on, so told d driver to turn back.

Dog BBQ anyone?


VV seems exactly the same as it was two years ago, thankfully. Beer Lao, which used to cost 10,000 kip, is still 10 grand, or 4 ringgit. But its even cheaper now, coz we spent mostly in US dollars, whose value has dropped. So a large bottle is only RM3.60 now. Haha!

On d road

One of d many stalls we checked-out had bbq bats.

Decided not to try, coz i dont like d smell of bat shit!

Crashed at our usual spot, the Other Side Bungalows (huts), which lies across the Namsong River, which runs thru VV.

Rickety bridge over wide river

Got up to lotsa activities. Drinking, partying, eating, hammocking, tubing, bacon, kayaking, climbing, biking. My skin got well-roasted.

The bridge by day (left) dat leads to our pad

Chilllin at our 'VIP hut'

Sumtin for d heat

We headed to this great riverside spot that i once went to.

Spot d Beer Lao

A hut for a break

Some of d boys remembered me, so we partied. They brought out some major firepower, ie lao lao. Rice liquor, similar to our langkau.

Kenny waiting for his turn after Thiang to down lao-lao (breakfast)

Buffaloes take a dip, as a hot-air baloon rises over VV in d distance

We went back again d next morning coz they organized a bbq party for us. We had baby birds, freshly-caught fish, wild jungle soup (which was awesome!), and sticky rice, plus whisky, beer and lao lao.

Boys catching our brunch

Babies are crunchy

They caught a few puffer fish, that blow up when threatened

Diggin in. Except for d rice, everything was wild

Tubing (or kayaking if u prefer) is also a great way to spend a day. Ur dropped off several km upriver of VV, then u just cruise down in a tube. There’re loads of bars n party spots on d riverbank, where u’ll be thrown a line n pulled in if u want. A whole day could go by!


Climbed this crazy steep limestone hill near our huts

Dipped in here. COLD!

Ready to kayak


Some dude who gave us free shots of dunno wat

Had to do some fucking-big-centipede liquor shots

Jump off d platform if u dare

The sun sets over Laos

Great place, even greater people. Might even do it again!


Brain damage: 8.5/10

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